Top 8 Photo Editor Apps for Android

Give your needs or creativity a boost with the best photo editor apps for Android. Yes, there are various options for you to choose from. Let’s check on the top 8 photo editor Apps for Android:-

Adobe apps 

Free / upto $52.99 monthly

There are various editing tools which have been released by Adobe over the last two years in the form of Adobe Photoshop mix, Photoshop express, adobe light room etc. Each of these tools have their own set of importance. There are various functions which you can do like removing red eye to editing RAW files which you have taken from your Smartphone. What’s interesting about Adobe is that, there are loads of features which are frequently updated here. However, for few of them, you need get cloud subscription. ( Read also : Top 5 screen mirroring apps for Android and other ways too )


Free / $3.99 monthly 

AirBrush gives another editing option for people where you can create a smooth skin out of rough and patchy one or remove pimple or remove red eye. Similarly, you can create a whole new facial representation out of nothing and that’s the best thing you can do. There is another feature namely “Bokeh Mode” which converts any photo into a blurry background. Editing has so many different varieties and  there you will find loads of it. If you are looking for more advanced features, then there is a subscription fees associated with it. However, for better comprehending the app, there is a 7 days free trial which can help you to decide to go for the one or not. (Read also : Top 5 apps for notification tones and ringtones )

Enlight Pixaloop

Free / $3.99 monthly 

How can you miss Enlight Pixaloop which offers cool and neat presentation. If you are often mesmerized while looking at the GIF styles images, then this app helps you to attain the same. There is an additional effect which you can give with clouds or water etc. While you closely monitor the app, you can add elements. This app isn’t designed to get the red eye out.  Having said that, it does give you the convenience of adding extra effects which is awesome. However, it is on a pricey side as Enlight is expensive with $3.99 monthly charges. ( Read also : Top 8 Best gallery apps for Android )


Free / $1.99 monthly

Vimage is a new photo editing app. The best thing is that you take photos with no moving elements and then you can add them. There is a list of basic editing features in the form of blur, rotate, crop, brightness, saturation etc.  You also have the option of adding pre-made animations so that the photo gets a life literally.  For example, you can add falling flower petals to a selfie and the kind of visual treat it gives, is certainly awesome to say the least. Similarly, if there is a food item, you can add steam to it and there you will literally start mouthwatering with the visuals and that’s how this app can do wonders. You just need imagination and the rest of thing can be done by it with perfection.  There is a subscription cost, so you may have to pay the price


Price: $1.99

TouchRetouch is unique in few respects where it helps you remove small objects from the images or if you want to remove certain people, then this app can do wonders. The app can work with great guns at times, however it may not. So, don’t expect too much from the app, or if you are looking for miracles, then this is certainly not the app for you. However, it does the job pretty well. You need to pay $1.99 for single purchase . Here, I would recommend you to test it thoroughly right till the time when you can ask for refund, or after it runs out, then you won’t be eligible for payment. 



Snapspeed is another one of the photo editor apps which has been there and has proved its worth as quite a sophisticated photo editor. It supports RAW photos which the photographers will be immensely pleased to know. The image can get further enhanced thanks to so many options of sliders and one-touch enhance tools which will simply do the trick for you. It is simple and light and along with the same, it is equally powerful too. The best thing about the app is that it is free from ads. However, there hasn’t been any update since 2018, and that we can’t say whether there has been an active development with regards to the app as of now or not. 


Free / $1.99

Pixlr  by AutoDesk is a highly sophisticated photo editor and there has been loads of recommendations from readers for this one. It consists of one-touch enhance tools that simply gives the feature a new level of presentation along with other features that are in use. It consists of cosmetic editing tools in the form of blemish removers and teeth whiteners. It is quite a useful app meant for overall creativity. 


Free / $5.99

PicsArt has an effective presence and has already registered over 250 million downloads and counting. The developers keep on updating it, as per the changing needs in line to what the customers’ needs and to keep the app brimming with new features for a refreshing change. There are filters, collages, stickers etc with over 100 editing tools just to give your creativity a boost. The app can act as a perfect tool to create animated gifs or you can equally draw different stuffs on the photos of yours. 

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