How to buy custom suits online?

We are all aware of how fast e-commerce businesses are growing. Nowadays, it is possible to find almost everything through online shopping.

Now that we have the facility to shop items online, why don’t we start buying custom suits online? Maybe, you are thinking about the risk of the outfit not being delivered as per your demands. You may be reluctant about whether or not you will receive the right outfit, the same fabric, or the same fitting. check out Rarecustom

But, before considering any disadvantage of buying custom suits online, you should consider the following tips to help you buy suits online efficiently.

How to choose?

It is essential to note the two main differences between ready-made and made-to-order suits before placing an order for custom suits online.


Ready-made suits are already manufactured, and they are displayed on online-racks for everyone. These suits are designed to fit a wide range of people. It is also available in different shades, fabrics, and styles. But the first issue with ready-made suits is that it may not perfectly fit your body, and you may need tailoring to make adjustments. The second issue is that ready-made suits are produced in massive quantities hence it does not allow you to have a unique outfit.


Made-to-order suits are designed and stitched for only one person. It is also stitched by considering all the tiny details to fit your body perfectly. With made-to-order suits, you have the option to choose between fabrics, patterns, shades, and cutting-style. Usually, no additional adjustments are required for a made-to-order suit.

Be patient with the process

If you are ordering a custom suit online, you should be patient about the delivery date. You cannot expect to receive your outfit in just a couple of days after your purchase.

Made-to-order suits that are produced locally can take 3-4 weeks to be delivered, and from overseas online e-commerce businesses, it can take 1-3 months to arrive.

It is better to plan your purchase at least two months before you actually need it, to be on the safer side.

Precise measurement

It is crucial to spend the maximum time possible to measure your body’s stats before placing an order for a made-to-order customs suit. Some key measurements include overall height, chest size, waist size, seat, sleeves, and inseam. 

Do not rush while taking your body measurement. You do not want a suit that does not fit you and send the garment back for additional adjustments. A loosen suit can still go through adjustments to make it fit to your body shape. But it will be almost impossible to make a suit fit your body if you cannot wear it at all. 

Be precise while communicating

If you want that perfect fitted made-to-order suit, it is essential to ask your seller the correct question. You need to make sure that the seller has understood everything you said clearly.

Be aware of what you exactly want

You need to be sure when deciding to buy custom online suits by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is it for a special occasion such as a wedding?
  • Will you wear the suit regularly to work?

Fabrics, Materials, and Shades

You need to consider choosing fabrics, materials, and shades according to the place or event you will wear the outfit to. For example, you can select a medium gray to go for office and metallic grey for a wedding.

Buy one at a time

It is crucial not to order more than one custom online suit in one go. The reason is simple; it will be challenging to resend more than one outfit back to the seller if there is an issue. It is highly recommended to buy only one outfit at a time until you are confident that your seller will meet your expectations.

Personally, ask for the price

It is necessary to ask your seller about the price of the made-to-order online custom suits so that you do not have to witness a shock when proceeding to the final payment. The final payment can include extra costs such as shipping, fabric, or materials. You do not want to waste your time choosing an outfit that is out of your budget.


People take notice when you wear an elegant suit that accentuates your body shape. That is why it is vital to choose the appropriate custom suit as per your body physiognomy. No wonder it is challenging to buy a suit in a local shop and even more challenging to opt for online shops. But if you know precisely what you want and convey it to the seller, you might just get that dream suit that you’ve always wanted.

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