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Pocket games: How convenient are mobile apps?

There is a broad consensus that the mobile gaming industry is growing in popularity in recent years. Typically, mobile games are designed for mobile and portable devices that may also be connected to the Internet. 

Generally, public interest in mobile gaming has peaked due to notable and impressive advancements in technology, as well as being accessible and convenient to so many who seek to play games on the go.

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The future of mobile gaming is looking bright due to a multitude of reasons. Firstly, mobile gaming has changed the face of gaming forever by breaking free of traditional forms of console gaming. 

Many of us remember the old days of being tied to our consoles to escape into a virtual reality. Nowadays, we are able to do this at the touch of our fingertips. This shift has been critical in generating revenue for large gaming companies.

Why do people opt to use mobile gaming apps?

With mobile gaming, there is also a growing tendency for players to opt towards playing mobile games via apps as opposed to through browsers or websites. Apps are effective in providing a customized and personalized experience in juxtaposition to the typical anonymous experience you may have if you choose to play a game through a browser. 

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Downloading an app aims to provide tailored communication to users founded on their desires, location, usage trends, and more. Mobile apps are the pinnacle in ensuring that gaming remains a lucrative and profitable multi-billion-dollar industry. 

With apps, you are no longer limited to one specific location. The experience becomes more universal, seamless, and streamlined as you are able to play your game anywhere and everywhere.

There are also specific device features that you can use within an app that can make the user experience interactive and exciting. One of the most important differences between a mobile website and an app is that the app can operate offline without internet connectivity.

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There is also the benefit of having app store security, meaning that you are more protected than you would be if you visited a website. In addition to this, the app services allow you to save your progress, which could have been lost if you refreshed a web page, as well as retain your details in the process.

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Apps have aided the development and the growth of mobile gaming, with over 1/3 of the world’s population now playing mobile games. “App” is a shortened term for “software application,” and one of the characterizing traits of an app is that it must be downloaded on a device for the user to access it.  

With apps, content is mobile friendly, there are better graphics, and it is speedier. It also allows you to send push notifications to your customers. Interestingly, games are the vast majority of top-grossing apps, with some of the most popular apps being the Candy Crush Saga, Roblox, Pokémon Go, and a range of mobile casino games.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush has become a household name in the gaming industry, with a billion plus downloads. Even after eight years, the game has not dwindled in popularity. A large part of the allure of this game is the potential to play with friends over such sites as Facebook, as well as the impressive visuals, which all contribute to a positive user experience overall. 

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Mobile casino games are also a popular genre because of the convenience they bring to gaming on the go. There are a plethora of advantages to playing mobile casino games aside from the convenience and easy access they bring. Many new mobile casino game players will be offered bonuses and promotions by many providers for signing up; typically, this will be a no-deposit sign-up, meaning the player can play for free. This way, many players can try out a mobile casino site for free before they choose to deposit their own money.

Pokémon Go

Games like Pokémon Go are among the most profitable on the market, as it is one of the first augmented reality apps that have been launched. A large part of the success of this game was due to the decision made by the developers to launch the game on the phone as opposed to a physical game. This meant that the game was able to reach a larger demographic of phone users rather than a small niche crowd of gamers. Launching games on the phone creates a better product experience where users can feel like they are part of a shared adventure. 

To conclude, as mobile use is continuously expanding globally, the debate around apps vs websites will continue to be a heated topic for investors who are looking to solidify a mobile presence.

Mobile gaming has vastly expanded in recent years and continues to prove itself to be a promising industry. If you want to take part in this virtual experience, venture into the gaming world today. It is an exciting way to spend your free time as well as connect with others who have interests similar to yours.

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