Amazon Down? Shoppers And Sellers Experience Issues With Certain Listings

On Saturday, Amazon sellers and buyers took to message boards, forums, and social media to complain about problems plaguing many listings on the website. The first complaint appeared on Amazon’s Seller Central... Read more »

Prince George’s County Health Department Accepting Appointments For COVID-19 Testing

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, testing is becoming more readily available in the United States. In the beginning, COVID-19 testing was limited to specific groups and areas. According to data released by... Read more »
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COVID-19 Pandemic: Is Your Money Safe In Banks?

As American consumers are in a shopping frenzy, concerns about money are making their way to the surface. Thousands of Americans have received layoff notices since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.... Read more »

Prince George’s County Police Asks Residents To Call In Non-violent Crime Reports

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases in Maryland, law enforcement agencies are executing plans to protect their police officers. The Prince George’s County Police Department announced it would no longer send... Read more »

COVID-19 News: Facts Not Fear, Or So They Say?

The number of positive coronavirus cases and deaths are steadily on the rise in the United States and abroad. The stay-at-home order has many Americans locked inside their homes leaving them little... Read more »

Where To Find Reliable COVID-19 Information

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase, Americans are gripping the edges of their seats tighter, hoping they will not be the next victim. Local and state governments, hospitals, law... Read more »
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McConnell CARES Act – Will You Get A Check?

The Coronavirus has been politicized well before the World Health Organization declared it a pandemic 9 days ago. President Donald Trump claimed Democrat politicians were using his handling of the virus as... Read more »

Maryland: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

As Marylanders try to keep themselves healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns over drinking water safety have surfaced. Some locals rely on tap water for hydration and refreshment while others buy bottled... Read more »
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Maryland Covid-19 Cases Reach 107 Including 5-Year-Old Girl – Governor Hogan Closing Malls And More

On Thursday, Governor Larry Hogan announced that the number of positive coronavirus cases in Maryland had climbed to 107. Among the new cases is a 5-year-old girl from Howard County marking the... Read more »

Coronavirus In Maryland – Cases Jump To 85, Closures, Precautions, And More

COVID-19 is a disease first identified in China in December of 2019. The virus is new so it hasn’t caused illness in humans in the past. The number of cases in the... Read more »