Yemen: Doctor seeing empty Covid hospital after fake death text

The war-torn Yemen braces itself for a second wave of Covid 19 all over again. The doctor recalls her battle with the pandemic and how she was alone in the hospital after... Read more »

Wristband telling that your boss is unhappy

The silicone wristband could be mistaken for tracking your heart rate, particularly when you are doing exercises. The wearable technology, called a Moodbeam is not here to monitor one’s physical health. Besides,... Read more »
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Australia unlikely to fully reopen border in 2021

Australia seems to be quite hesitant about opening its border in 2021 even when most of the population would get vaccinated this year. A senior health official said that it is already... Read more »

Why only a couple of bike shares work?

The Bicycle share schemes have seen an immense success in some cities and flopped spectacularly at the others – what is it that makes or breaks a bike share? A set of... Read more »

Erotic designs of Italian pastries

The designs of Italian pastries has got up into the news today. While they talk of the serious age old traditions, these pastries resemble the female genitalia, and represent the cannoli. If... Read more »

Hailie Jade, 24 looked stunning in mom jeans

Who doesn’t wear the “best” in her mom’s attire? I still remember the first time I tried my mom’s dress and everyone said that I was really looking so gorgeous! Well, this... Read more »

North Korea: Unveiling new submarine launched missile

Recently, New Korea unveiled a new kind of submarine that was launched as a ballistic missile. The best thing about this launch is that it is described as the most powerful weapon... Read more »

We need more Black women in Law- Here is why

Samantha Peters is a law student and graduated from law school in the year 2016. She has now become judge in Aleberta, Queen’s Bench Justice Gaylene Kendell, she is the only black... Read more »

Mega Millions Lottery (Winning Numbers For Nov 28 2020): Check Here

Mega Millions is a large-scale American lottery with jackpots often in hundreds of millions of dollars. The Big Game (Mega Millions) was started in Illinois, Michigan, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Virginia. Therefore... Read more »
Lisa Montgomery

Lawyer’s diagnosis delay the first federal execution of a women in decades

There has been a delay in execution of Lisa Montgomery who is set to be the first woman to be charged with the federal death penalty in decades. The lawyers have been... Read more »