New Boston University Study Reveals Strong Connection Between Football And CTE

A new study conducted by researchers at Boston University School of Medicine and VA Boston Healthcare System reveals a connection between former football players’ brains and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The research... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Scientists Working On Technique Capable Of Accurately Determining Cell Age

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University and collaborators continue to make process on the development of a method capable of determining the functional age of cells more accurately. This method could one day... Read more »
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Surgeons At Johns Hopkins Develop A Minimally Invasive Surgery To Treat Pancreatitis

Surgeons at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore have developed a minimally invasive surgery to treat chronic pancreatitis. Currently the condition is treated with pancreatectomy, removal of the pancreas. Chronic pancreatitis... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Study Reveals Testing Ecstasy At Raves And Concerts May Decrease Risks For Some Users

Volunteers visited raves and music festivals throughout the United States in an effort to test pills in a drug culture environment. When some of the recreational drug users see the actual test... Read more »

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation May Help Relieve Chronic Pain

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a device for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD) or treatment-resistant depression (TRD) in 2008. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a drug-free, noninvasive therapy... Read more »

OTC Hearing Aids Are More Affordable And May Be As Affective For Mild-To Moderate Hearing Loss

A study led by an instructor of audiology in the Department of Otolaryngology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Nicolas S. Reed, Au.D., reveals that over-the-counter hearing aids may help people with... Read more »

Study: Researchers Discover A New Technique Capable Of Closing Thousands Of Gene Simultaneously

Researchers at Johns Hopkins partners with researchers at the University of Trento in Italy, Rutgers and Harvard Medical School to examine new ways to isolate more protein-coding DNA sequences. The proof-of-concept study... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Study Reveals Broccoli Can Decrease Harmful Effects Of Type II Diabetes

A study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and collaborators reveal that vegetables, especially broccoli is capable of decreasing the harmful effects of Type II diabetes in adults... Read more »

Johns Hopkins Study: 1 In Every 5 Patients Experience Side Effects Of Antibiotics

A new study conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins found that a fifth of patients prescribed antibiotics suffered side effects. It was also found that some of those patients did not even... Read more »

Human Biological Clock Is Affected By Meal Time, Study Says

The human body never stops, working around the clock as biological functions follow circadian rhythms, mental, physical and behavioral changes that follow an approximate 24-hour cycle. A new study demonstrates how humans... Read more »