Andy Khawaja on Ecommerce in China with the BRIC

Allied Wallet happens to be a globally leading provider of online payment processing which offers multi-currency merchant services. It is one of the best organizations to offer a PCI Level 1 secured... Read more »

CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja discusses about accepting Global payment online

Dr. Andy Khawaja in a discussion with Start Your Business Magazine, tells about the current scenario of global e-commerce. Yes, he further talks about the success which his company, namely Allied Wallet... Read more »
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Allied Wallet’s CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja has this to say on “What’s next?”

Allied Wallet’s CEO Dr. Andy Khawaja has this to say on “What’s next?”

CEO of Allied Wallet Dr. Andy Khawaja has the distinction of being referred as a leader in the mainstream online payment processing.  Youth hold him with high inspiration and he is certainly... Read more »

Dr. Andy Khawaja, CEO of Allied Wallet honored as “Job Creator” on a leading cover magazine

Dr. Andy Khawaja is a true inspiration for the youth of today. He has proven experience of creating a successful organization namely Allied Wallet. The renowned company is undoubtedly a leading provider... Read more »

Allied Wallet’s Dr. Andy Khawaja is honored with WWBR’s CEO of the Year

CEO of  Allied Wallet, Dr. Andy Khawaja is inspiring young generations. His award winning stint as a global payment services provider with the inclusion of mobile and prepaid card services in the... Read more »

What Should You Study if you want to do Business Consulting?

Currently, the professions associated with the business sector offer infinite job opportunities.  In this way, and within this scope, business consulting has become a good option for professional development. Consultants, or management... Read more »
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Smart Reasons Why You Must Own A Reusable Coffee Cup

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Buy the best selling tricycle

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What FIFA Players Should You Buy?

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6 Benefits of Investing in CCTV Monitoring Service for Business

If your business has not installed a CCTV monitoring system yet, you are a hundred steps behind the competition. You may have valid reasons – costs, lack of knowledge, or workforce shortage. ... Read more »