Will iGaming Drive the Mainstream Adoption of Cryptocurrency?

The rapid evolution of the iGaming sector has started to attract the attention of gamers around the world with a positive sign of driving the implementation of cryptocurrency in gaming. Blockchain technology... Read more »

Yemen: Doctor seeing empty Covid hospital after fake death text

The war-torn Yemen braces itself for a second wave of Covid 19 all over again. The doctor recalls her battle with the pandemic and how she was alone in the hospital after... Read more »
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Wristband telling that your boss is unhappy

The silicone wristband could be mistaken for tracking your heart rate, particularly when you are doing exercises. The wearable technology, called a Moodbeam is not here to monitor one’s physical health. Besides,... Read more »

Australia unlikely to fully reopen border in 2021

Australia seems to be quite hesitant about opening its border in 2021 even when most of the population would get vaccinated this year. A senior health official said that it is already... Read more »

Why only a couple of bike shares work?

The Bicycle share schemes have seen an immense success in some cities and flopped spectacularly at the others – what is it that makes or breaks a bike share? A set of... Read more »

Erotic designs of Italian pastries

The designs of Italian pastries has got up into the news today. While they talk of the serious age old traditions, these pastries resemble the female genitalia, and represent the cannoli. If... Read more »

Alex Rodriguez : Why He’s So‘Proud’ Of Fiancé JenniferLopez

Jennifer Lopez is all set to perform at the inauguration of Joe Biden. Also, her fiance Alex Rodriguez couldn’t be more excited for her. Jennifer Lopez, who is currently 51 years old... Read more »

Iggy Azalea slating in a crochet bikini top

Iggy Azalea is looking really incredible in her recent posts. Who will say that she had just given birth to her son, Onyx a few months ago? This 30 year old lady... Read more »

Archie Lyndhurst: Things To Know About The ‘So Awkward’ Star

Archie Lyndhurst died at the age of 19 years with a brain hemorrhage and we regret to have you informed about it. Archie Lyndhurst had a few interesting facts about his life... Read more »

Laverne Cox in a string bikini and stilettos

The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star Laverne Cox has shared her private video for the first time ever! She shared a never-before-seen clip of herself wherein she was seen to be... Read more »