Understandable Have A Nice Day- Meme Interpretation

Morningside Maryland Staff : In the world of memes, Understandable Have a Nice Day is yet another meme that went super-viral first in Tweeter and then in Tumbler, from where it proliferated to other social media platforms. Memes involve light-hearted themes and not always involve any deep-seated meaning within them. Similarly, this meme doesn’t mean to carry any powerful message as such. So, what is ‘Understandable Have a Nice Day? It is nothing but a catchphrase spoken after a person converses with a guy sitting in a car. Let’s see what the craze about this meme is all about. ( Who Is SteveWillDoIt? )

Who Is The Understandable Have A Nice Day? 

Shaquille O’Neal, who happened to be a professional basketball player of America, is featured in the meme of ‘Understandable Have a Nice Day. 

What Does Understandable Have a Great Day Mean? 

The original meme involved Shaquille, who is depicted as having a conversation with a man through the window of his car. O’Neal asks the man, “Hello, food?” The person standing outside the vehicle replies, “Food broke.” To this, O’Neal reverted back, saying, “Understandable Have a Nice Day.” 

There have been several variations of this original meme where different images or sometimes other characters were used to evoke the same implication. 

One such variation was the use of the phrase ‘Understandable Have a Great Day. The word ‘Nice’ was replaced by ‘Great’ with no other significant differences between the two. This new form of the meme was developed for the meme of ‘whoppy machine broke’ and was first posted on Twitter by the user handle of @liltusk on 26th February 2017. 

Gradually, the meme went viral in Tumbler and later on Instagram when ‘Filthy Frank’ posted it. Starting from May 2017, this variation of the meme surfaced on Facebook and Reddit. 

Is It Understandable Have a Nice Day or Great Day? 

Basically, both the understandable have a nice day and a great day have the same inherent conception. Both of these make use of the exact image macros. Understandable have a great day is just a variation of the one with the ‘Nice Day.’

Since this post went viral, numerous re-creations took the place of ‘Understandable have a nice day. In some other versions, some other machines or objects have been said to be broken instead of ‘Food Broke,’ as has been mentioned in the original meme. 

Who Is The Guy In Understandable Have A Great Day? 

The meem of ‘understandable have a great day’ features the same person featured in the ‘understandable have a nice day. The person is none other than Shaquille O’Neal. He is a renowned sports analyst in the NBA. Previously, he had left his mark as an American professional basketball player. He is also one of the world’s wealthiest athletes. 


Though no such real significance underlies the meme of Understandable have a nice day’, the polite and courteous way by which Shaquille replied to the man standing outside the window is really noteworthy. We also learn to give soft replies to others and not be outrightly rude to anyone. While scrolling through your feed, you have come across this popular meme on all the social media platforms, right? So, have you got your queries cleared regarding the most shared meme in the world of social media? 

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