SharePoint Online vs. On-Premises

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based platform, where business users can easily collaborate and share files. It was launched in the year 2001 by Microsoft and was marketed as the best document management and storage platform for organizations. 

Microsoft provides businesses with two types of SharePoint environments. The first one is SharePoint Server 2019, which is the latest offering of SharePoint on Premise and the second one is SharePoint Online, which is totally cloud-based. Any business planning to migrate their SharePoint to a newer version can easily do so by utilizing the SharePoint Online Tenant to Tenant Migration services, which ensures safe and secure data migration across different SharePoint platforms.

Comparison Between SharePoint Online and On-Premises

Data Management

When a business opts in to implement SharePoint On-Premises in their workflow, they need to make sure that they have IT professionals in their team. The It professionals need to manage and maintain all the data in SharePoint on-premises. Also, the business should have access to professionals in compliance standards, third-party application support, data governance, and much more as they might need them to keep SharePoint running healthy and uninterrupted.

With SharePoint Online, everything is managed and maintained by the Microsoft professionals themselves. The Microsoft Team tracks down all the issues and solves them on their own. The Online version encourages a single sign-on authentication system, which means that the Office 365 Active Directory and other secure token systems are not supported.


Costing is a major catalyst in choosing between the two SharePoint variants. Businesses need to determine how much are they willing to pay for implementing SharePoint. The businesses need to plan and assess their business needs well as on the time of choosing they need to have the data as to how much storage would they need, and the number of users to be set in SharePoint.

The SharePoint on-premises requires extra money to set up new users while the Online version is a license-based product, which means that the license depends on the number of users. With SharePoint on-premises, businesses also need to pay extra for the IT professionals to manage and maintain their SharePoint Servers, while in SharePoint online, the license fee includes everything. To Migrate SharePoint 2013 to 2019 at affordable pricing, businesses can visit Apps4Rent.

In short, SharePoint Online is cheaper than its predecessor and that is the reason many businesses nowadays are migrating to SharePoint Online.

Scaling Abilities

Because SharePoint Online is a part of the Office 365 bundle, the storage capacity is strict and limited. The whole bundle depends on the same storage, so businesses have to keep a strict eye on the storage usage. They can easily upgrade the storage by paying an extra fee. 

With SharePoint on-premises, businesses have to spend their resources and energy to just manage the servers. They can build the capacity they need on the go. Also, the users of SharePoint on-premises find it much easier to run data governance rules on the hardware directly.

As you see, these were the basic differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online. Depending on the business needs, businesses can easily choose between them. Apps4Rent provides SharePoint Servers with round-the-clock support and maintenance. They also provide virtualization solutions such as Cloud Based Desktop with great support and security.

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