Enable push to talk in Discord on PC and Mobile

Morningside Maryland Desk : Push to talk popularly referred as PTT is quite a famous term which is used in the gaming industry. This term actually signifies that the gamer has to press a button in the keyboard for using voice chat. In order to get into the mode of talking, you have to manually enable the PTT in discord.

The process of enabling Push to Talk in Discord

This is where the significance of the post lies. It is easy to enable the same. Here, it is important for us to mention that you should update the software to the latest version in order to avail a smooth experience. Yes, where you will know the step-by-step procedure to enable push to talk in Discord on PC and Mobile:-

You need to be logged in to the discord application regarding the user-interface it remains the same on web application or desktop centric programs

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom left, you will find the gear icon which is adjacent to the username
  • As you click on “User settings” you will find whole list of setting options for discord
  • Go to the App Settings, under which you see “Voice and Video” click to view more options.
  • You will see “Input Mode” and then select “Push to Talk”
  • This is how you have converted “Voice Activity” to “Push top Talk”. Isn’t it easy? Like with regards to any changes which you make in the computer, the best thing is to restart the computer so that the changes can be successfully applied.

Push to talk button is even more important as it eliminates the possibility of your dog barking noise on your mother shouting at you. It cuts down all sort of noise, while you enjoy the convenience of talking as if the surrounding is totally calm. 

Enable PTT in Discord on Smartphone

A big percentage of mobile Discord users are on mobile where they naturally use the medium of a portable phone for communicating. Hence, after we have told the steps to adhere for desktop, here are for mobile users. So, let’s check out how to enable Discord push to talk on iOS, Android along with other devices:-

  • Open the discord application; you will get the text chat screen
  • Right above, you can see the menu option, click on it
  • Then look at the bottom screen, you will find the “User setting”
  • Scroll down slightly where under “App Settings”; you are going to see the option of “Voice and Video”
  • As you click on the same, it will open the menu; there you will see the “Input Mode” and then click on “Push to Talk”
  • Since, “Voice Activity” is the default option, so you have to manually switch over to “PTT”

Method to configure PTT on iOS Device

There is a lot of confusion where people are not very clear about the proper way to configure owing to the fact that PTT isn’t a popular option.

However, if you are the one who doesn’t know the exact method of doing the same, then don’t worry. The following post empowers you with the detailed and easy steps to configure PTT on iPhone and iPad

  • The first step requires you to join any Discord server voice channel
  • While looking at the top right corner of the section, you can see a gear; simply tap on it, so that the process can start 
  • Holding quite a close proximity to series of steps as mentioned above, here also you have to tap on “Input Mode”, so that the mode can be changed. 
  • Now, as you can see the options, select PTT, and then tap on the selection so that you give your consent for confirming the changes. 
  • Close the process
  • Now, this is the time for you to start talking. All you have to do is to scroll down where you can see the option “Push-to-talk-button”. Click on the some in order to communicate with your desired friends or colleagues. 
  • Here, it is important for me to mention that you should keep the screen backlight on, for availing the function. Since, you have to press the button in order for the voice to go through. 

Method to change PTT key in Discord

Let’s now check the Discord voice chat tutorial where you get to know the steps towards how you can set up your Push to talk button for your microphone in user settings. 

  • Click on User Settings as you can see the icon at the screen’s bottom
  • Click on Voice and video (which controls the devices such as webcam, headset and the microphone)
  • After you do, you will see that “Voice Activity is set by default”, then click on the underneath option which is “Push to talk” in input mode
  • Below to the same, you can see “Record Keybind”
  • Click on the same followed by selecting a key on the keyboard
  • If at any point in time, you want to reset the key, then you can conveniently do that, by clicking on same option and re-entering a new key

You equally have to set your talk release delay button

It can be set to a maximum of 2 seconds, so if you set it at the maximum, even when you release the button you won’t be cut off, to what you set at the last. This feature work wonders, as while playing fast games, you may necessitate to finish the things where this feature comes handy. 

Final thoughts

While reading the aforesaid post, you have now known the in-depth mechanism of enabling Discord Push-To-Talk where it is the easiest thing to do, as it simply takes few seconds for completing the whole process. 

We hope that the post gives you easy tutorial where you can follow to get into communication mode right through playing some of the electrifyingly fast games. 

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