6 Best Camping Spots in Maryland

The USA has a lot of camping spots, that deserve your attention. The country that is so abundant with natural parks definitely has a lot to offer to any person that appreciates outdoor activities such as camping.

However, Maryland is the state with the most diverse landscape in nature, which is why it has so many amazing camping spots. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking about visiting Maryland for some outdoor activities, here are the best camping spots that you should check out. 

1. Assateague State Park, Berlin, MD

This location is perfect for all camping enthusiasts out there. Assateague State Park is a must-see location if you want to camp in Maryland. And if you love wild horses, then you’ll enjoy it here even more. Located on Eastern Shore, this classic caping spot will take your breath away. Aside from spending time with horses, you can also have lunch in a sweet picnic spot and swim at the beach.

2. Tuckahoe State Park, Queen Anne, MD

Tuckahoe State Park is perfect for all adventure lovers out there. There are so many exciting activities that are worth your time, such as ropes course, lake swimming, fishing, or hiking in the forest. The nature is gorgeous, so if you want an action-filled caping experience then be sure to head to Tuckahoe State Park. 

3. Washington Monument State Park, Middletown, MD

This isn’t the same Washington Monument steps from the White House, however, this place is equally breathtaking. This was built by a small farm community in Maryland, on the Appalachian Trail. If you love hiking, then you’ll enjoy visiting here. There’s even a playground for the kids, restroom facilities, and the view is too stunning to miss.

Also, if you’re planning to drive in an RV and visit a few of these national parks, then be sure to get the Ecoflow Delta portable power station, so you can have a comfortable camping experience regardless of where you go. Washington Monument State Park, located in Middletown, will definitely be your cup of tea if you love outdoor activities. 

4. Green Ridge State Forest, Flintstone, MD

Those who prefer old-school camping should visit this place. In this case, classic traditional camping means using the woods as your restroom. If that seems fun, then give it a try. Green Ridge State Forest is a place that also permits hunting, so be sure to get all the relevant licenses if you want to try it out. The first boasts 49,000 acres, the largest piece of public land in entire Maryland. 

5. Cunningham Falls State Park, Thurmont, MD

In case you enjoy camping by the lake, then Cunningham Falls State Park will be right up your alley. The scenery is gorgeous, which makes Cunningham Falls State park one of the most scenic locations in Maryland. Located in the mountains, the place feels entirely different from the rest of the state. If you prefer cooler and more secluded and private places, then you’ll surely enjoy spending time here. 

6. Bayshore Campground, Rock Hall, MD

Bayshore Campground, located in Rock Hall has beautiful views from all directions. So wherever you look, chances are you’ll be greeted by incredible scenery. The Chesapeake Bay is a perfect camping spot, plus you can also kayak and enjoy nature while hiking. Bayshore Campground offers a full-on outdoor experience. 


Maryland is a diverse place, so if you’re a fan of camping and other outdoor activities, then you should visit this state at least once in a lifetime. These camping spots are astounding and perfect both for family trips and solo excursions, so feel free to choose one of them as your next camping vacation spot. 


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