GoGoPDF: Learning Better Management For Your Word and PDF Documents

People usually have a misconception of which is a more efficient electronic file, Word, or PDF. They both work perfectly with their delegations. MS Word documents are for creating compositions from scratch, and PDFs are the best file format for faster and more manageable file sharing and printing. How do we better manage them using the GoGoPDF converter tool? 

The Essence of Converting Word To PDF

Before we tackle how to convert your Word documents to the portable document format, we will first identify these conversions’ essence. So why and when do we need to use a Word to PDF online? Word documents are well-renowned for their perfect structure in creating or typing formal and legal documents. What are the usual issues with these files?

If you and your recipient are using different versions of Microsoft Word, you might encounter formatting issues. The fonts used might not be supported with the other version and will appear differently. Thus, spacing and indentations might be affected. These complications can result in significant changes with the original content and result in a worse file. 

This is where the PDF converter comes in. When you convert your Word doc or Docx to PDF, your document’s content will remain as it is. No matter what device or operating system your recipient uses, your PDF’s content will remain consistent. Also, PDF files come in handier as they are more compact and more comfortable to print and share.

How To Convert Your Word Document To PDF

So we will now learn how to convert your Word doc or Docx to PDF using the free online PDF tool, GoGoPDF. Yes, it can cater to both doc and Docx formats so that you can rest your worries about file formats. You can use any web browser for this process, but it is more recommendable you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge. 

  1. On GoGoPDF’s home page, you can see many options for PDF conversions. Click the Word to PDF option. 
  2. To upload your file, you can manually search it by clicking “Select a file.” You can also drag it directly to the GoGoPDF converter dropbox. 
  3. Two fast loadings will commence as it first uploads and then automatically converts it to PDF. 
  4. The next page will be the downloading phase, wherein you can save your file directly to your disk or copy-paste its URL via social media or email, depending on how you need it. 

The GoGoPDF converter tool’s valuable factor is that it also allows you to convert your file the other way around. Yes, you can also convert your PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint! In that way, you can make drastic changes with your PDF’s content and save them back as PDFs for more comfortable file sharing. 

Converting your PDFs to their base structure allows you to make significant alterations because PDFs are naturally less-editable than other file formats. With this two-way PDF converter, you can solve your PDF problems anytime and anywhere! 

PDF Compressor: Tons of PDFs? No Problem!

So how about for those users handling tons of Word documents and PDFs? Worry not, because GoGoPDF’s PDF converter is available for free and does not limit your PDF conversions! As long as you are online, you can take advantage of their free PDF converter and other tools. Upgrading your membership will also give you access to unlimited benefits. 

What is a PDF compressor? This is a tool designed for reducing your PDF’s size without compromising its quality and affecting its explicit content. Since PDFs maintain proper consistency, GoGoPDF ensures that your PDF is reduced while maintaining its original quality. Of course, there will be slight differences, but it will not be significant. 

The uploading process for PDF compression is similar to Word to PDF conversion. On the GoGoPDF main page, click the “Compress PDF” option, then start uploading. Click the compression type you need for your PDF, then click compress PDF. Your newly compressed PDF will be ready to download in just a few seconds. 


PDFs are very convenient to use, mostly when you have learned and understood their primary function and purpose. With GoGoPDF, Word and PDF management becomes a lot easier, even for less-technical users. 

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