AajaChat App : Best Chat App

AajaChat App : Best Chat App

Morningside Maryland.comThere are few mobile applications which have registered their presence with a bang. The name of AajaChat tops the list as being an Indian social mobile app; it offers the platform where you can share your thoughts with people having the same interest. 

The developers of the app know how important ‘connecting’ with like-minded people is. Hence, they have used the feature of filtration which only enables users to connect with people expressing the same interest. 

The app offers you the place where you can interact with people, hold discussions, and chat etc in an organized manner, thanks to the presence of specific groups which are easily accessible as per your taste. 

There seems to be no stopping for you in directly meeting experts without the need to involve third-party. All you have to do is to simply download the app and experience unlimited and awesome features which the app offers to you.  Let’s now take a look at the best features which the app is known for:-

Meet People

What is the most important and basic factor associated with apps like AajaChat? Well, they basically believe in helping people meet new faces. So, based on your preferred background, you are able to get in touch with people who hold the same taste, ideology, thought process and views. Hence, you develop connections with those who have so much in common. This beautiful aspect creates an easy understanding and people get to hear as well as listen to each other’s thought process.


There is nothing better than having innumerable choices since it helps you to choose the best one from the available options. Similarly, the app has different groups numbering 1000 belonging to different genres for you to chat and ask for required assistance from group members. So, no matter which ever subject interests you, as you choose the required group you are going to feel an instant connection, thanks to people holding the same viewpoint as yours. 


It is true that ‘educating’ others give us happiness. We feel happy to share every bit of information to others. Now, you can also make use of AajaChat app to create an environment where studying becomes simple and informative where you get question and material for guidance from study groups. There are experts who will empower you with new set of tests and papers in line with new syllabus. Hence, you can professionally prepare yourself for the tests or exams coming in near future. 

Live Moments

It is true that life is all about sharing funny and memorable moments since; it helps us to attain a phase of happiness. The app through stories give everyone a platform to pass the time with some interesting, creative, funny and awesome moments to happily pass the time. 


‘News’ or ‘Updates’ matter since it constantly empower us to derive information about the area of interest. Likewise, if you want to get regular updates about celebrities, then you can equally get that too. 


A healthy aspect which gives you the chance to remain fit and fine is none other than sports. Now, get regular updates be it from the favorite sport or sports person.


The app has games which help you to win coins and money. You can also play as a team with your friends. 


The app gives detailed information about various gadgets and other associated things.


Being an Indian app, it works in few countries such as:- 

India, Russia, China, Pakistan, Indonesia and United Arab Emirates


It is a natural concern of the users where they are worried about the aspect of security before they download the app. It is a general notion that the apps which are available on Google Play store are far more authentic and secure. However, developed by an Indian, this app isn’t available there, so the obvious concern of its security arises. 

The app uses third party application before you download the same. If you want to benefit yourself for legal or educational purpose, then it doesn’t use your educational data.  

The app makes it very easy for you to join WhatsApp groups.


  1. Does Installation of AajaChat free?

Yes, you can freely install the same without the need to do any in-app purchases.

       Q. Is AajaChat safe?

Although, it is safe, but there are few security concerns. 

       Q. Is it possible for me to download AajaChat from Google Play store?

No, you can’t, as due to privacy concerns it is not present on Google Play store. 

There are few additional and important features which is an obvious part of the application. It is as under:-

  • It uses Android 4.1 and above
  • It has the version
  • It has a rating of 3.0
  • It is 3.9 MB in size

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