Top 8 Best gallery apps for Android

Top 8 Best gallery apps for Android

Do you want to create certain changes to your gallery app? Are you looking for some degree of improvement to your gallery? If yes, then you are at the right place. Gallery apps will help you to sort out the pictures or hide them or give you a cleaner approach and look. Let’s take a look at the following top 9 gallery apps for Android:-

Focus Go


Focus Go is a new entrant and is comparably light weight and simple. You just need to open files, share them and that’s how you work is done with perfection. You don’t require a third part editor with this. Currently, the app is under a development phase and it is expected that there is something interesting coming up. ( Read also : Top 5 screen mirroring apps for Android and other ways too )

It comes with 32-bit encoder and that works well towards improving the quality of images as well as adding further options of customization. You can check Google Play for knowing the exact features and also you will be knowing whether the update has taken place or still it is in that phase. 

Free / $3.99

Gallery Vault as per its name creates a private place for your photos, so that it remains hidden and confidential from the onlookers. Similarly, you have videos, photos or just any file, if the app supports, then you can hide them as well. What more do you need, when the very same icon you can hide it, so that no one has any idea about it. (Read also : Top 5 apps for notification tones and ringtones )

Well, in the event if someone tries to wrongly access or breaks it, then you will be alerted. There are few fingerprint- enabled devices which this app supports. (Samsung ones for the time being). So, considering the professional way the privacy issue has been addressed, it stands out to be quite a great option. So, for the time being you can get in touch with the free version and then you can opt to purchase it. 


Free / $2.99

1Gallery is a new entrant when compared to the list of apps. Similar to the way any standard gallery works, this one is no different. You can view your photos either by grid form or by date. You can also set several mechanisms to lock your photos which can be either fingerprint or a pin pattern. The files which you have hidden or locked are encrypted and that’s a noteworthy thing which adds to your privacy. There are various other features in the form of video editor etc along with dark and light theme. Besides being cheap, the developers are constantly monitoring and making desired changes to get it better with passing time. (Read also : Top 8 Photo Editor Apps for Android )


Free / $9.99

A+ Gallery is another app to help you create, manage and share photos. The best thing is that, it equally comes with Dropbox, Facebook and Amazon Cloud storage. How often do you want to keep certain photos private? Well, if yes, then you can use vault feature for the same. The design is awesome and thanks to its Material Design and iOS styles, you will surely like it. Downloading is free and there is a pro version for in-app purchases. 

Free / $4.99

F-Stop Media Gallery has been there for quite a lot of time now. It has cleaner approach, thanks to Material design. Photos can be easily searched thanks to its metadata and so is adding tags so that the next time you are looking for them, you know that they are easily organized. It has “Smart Albums features” that helps you to sort the stuff all by its own and that makes the things quite organized and systematic. Isn’t it? It runs GIFs. So if you are looking for a powerful and flashy app then look no further. Free version is good, but there will be few features where you need a pro version. 


Free / $2.99

PhotoMap is another unique gallery app which effectively saves your pictures to a set location. You can take the help of a map to view the photos, with respect to the type of location you have used while taking them. For example, you need to go to the resort if you want to view certain pictures, which you have actually taken there. Other than that, there is an option of pro version where by spending $2.99 for in-app purchase, you can view that. 

Google Photos


How can you miss the Google Photos app as considering the list of features it has been associated with, you are never going to complain. Google Photos app is a cloud storage app where you can upload innumerable photos along with videos based on your choice. The uploaded files will be compressed in Google’s high Quality setting. The app takes in view about the number of files which aren’t uploaded. It is primarily quite useful with increasing numbers of users readily use it. 

Free / $3.99

Memoria Photo Gallery is another new entrant which has loads of customization benefits along with added features of security. The performance is smooth while you also get to know fingerprint authentication and based on your preference, you can hide albums. The app further has encrypted vault. Although, on most grounds, the app is perfect and has the best of features, yet there will be an issue of bug which you may come across with. Even the developers have been cornered over that current issue, but overall it works smoothly.

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