Top 5 battery saver apps for Android and other ways too

Battery saving has been traditionally associated with doing self analysis first, like turning off the brightness or switching to “Battery saver” or minimizing the frequency with which the apps sync etc.  Well, these are surely the methods which act as battery saver, however additionally there are apps as well, which does the trick and comes to the rescue for you. ( Read also : Top 7 free calls apps for Android )

Here, you will be notified about different aspects of what causes battery drainage and how one can keep possible measures intact to save it. Every single app is different and unique and they offer their individual aspects of battery saving. (Read also : Top 9 call recorder apps for Android )

Through the following pos, I will be telling you about the top 5 battery saver apps for Android:-

Greenify (Root or non-root)

Free / $2.99

Greenify is a battery saving app to give you more battery power so that you can ensure longer duration with ease. What it does is that, it works towards identifying those apps which results towards waking your phone. Now, when they are ascertained and determined, then it simultaneously works towards providing a solution to the same. The app comes with series of modern attributes for Android Nougat. You can use the app for both root as well as non-root devices. However, still there is more power associated with root. Here, all the detailed features which I have mentioned are free. However, there is an option to donate and if you want to do, then you can pay $2.99 for supporting the development phase

Servicely (Root Only)

Free / up to $13.99

Servicely is a root-only battery saving app. The main methodology of this app is that it ascertains the services which unnecessarily run and it stops them in the background. Also, it works towards stopping more of the rogue apps from syncing every time. So, if you don’t want to sync every single time, then this is possibly a better option for you.  However, as per your expectations of getting notification, there may be delay in the same. So you have to use this app carefully as you may not reach the notifications as per your expectations. The app works well with wakelock detectors. Based on the extent of customization it offers, there are whole list of options which are there at your rescue. There is a pro version which is roughly at the cost of $3.49 in-app purchase. 

Doze Mode and App Standby 


Doze Mode and App Standby is another battery saver app which helps you to get the maximum mileage out of your battery. The main method of working for this app is that it puts the whole device in a hibernation mode. This is where; the app is able to sync only in periodical modes and in batches. This is how; it is able to save a big chunk of your battery lie. 

This app also restricts the app to use the data especially those apps, which aren’t often used by you and this is how battery remains intact without much of a wastage which wouldn’t have been the case otherwise. Hence, as you simply don’t use these apps for a while, your mobile keeps free with these apps and it will systematically help your battery with its battery power intact and you can ensure it for a longer duration of time as well. The mode activates on not using for a while and this is how battery is saved.   So, you can ensure longer battery life which is the main purpose of this app.

GSam Battery Monitor (root and non-root)

Free / $2.49

GSam Battery Monitor is another one in the list, since it deserves to be. How it works seems to be interesting, as it gives you the list of the apps which are draining the battery, so that you can know about the exact solution. Yes, now that you have the information, you can use it for your advantage towards improving your battery life. It helps you to show details on wakelocks, CPU, sensor data, wake time. However, having said that, it did face few issues especially when the latest Android version hit the market. 

But, you can use an ADB command for giving GSam access by using controls and other stats to granular app. You are also left with an option of root, if incase you are using the rooted phone, but still let’s be optimistic where ADB option should be functional for most devices whether it is rooted or not. So, that’s a clarity coming on this front. 

Wakelock Detector (root only)

Free / $1.99

Wakelock Detector has proven its worth as one of the most awesome battery saver apps. As per the name, the app detects Wakelocks, either partial or full. You will also be able to get the list of the apps, that are causing the same or they are the reason behind it. Hence, as you get the list, you can uninstall the apps or search for substitutes or still use another app so that your work is done with perfection and in style and you aren’t supposed to get into any trouble or face issues of delay. 

Final thoughts

Finally, after reading the aforesaid post of top 5 battery saver apps for Android you have armed yourself greatly about the attributes to follow with respect to these different and specific apps and how you can ensure longer battery life in the process as well. ( Read also : Top Currency Converter Apps For Android )

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