Top Currency Converter Apps For Android

Does you work needs often entail you to travel across the length and breadth of the globe?

Do you often have to find issues getting the exact value of local currency to the country you are visiting?( Read also : Top 7 free calls apps for Android )

If yes, then this post is for you. Well, there are currency converter apps for android, where you can get to know the exact value of currency. This is in view of the fact that now you will be able to know the exact conversion value to the local currency you are converting. There are money changes, but you never know about their authencity. ( Read also : Top 5 battery saver apps for Android and other ways too )

So, the best deal to know the top currency converter apps for Android which is going to work wonders for you:-

Currency Converter


Pocketool’s Currency Converter is a powerful app for a trader who will never have to contend with anything less, than the best value of his hard earned money, especially while he is going to convert to the local currency of the host. You can operate it in the offline mode and it helps you to keep abreast with the international updates through a graph along with what to expect in near future. You can equally arm yourself with the exact and updated currency related news in order to remain yourself ahead of others. 

Exchange Rates


This app is surprisingly ads free and above all “free” as well. It is designed in such a manner, where it is able to handle the needs of the different currencies of the world. What more do you need, when it has an in-built integrated calculator along with a multiple currency display. It has an automatic syncing power for daily exchange rate. So, if you are looking for a free option with host of features for you, then you are at the right place.  (Read also : Top 9 call recorder apps for Android )

Unit Converter


Unit Converter is another app which is designed to handle various unit conversions. Yes, this is basically helpful for those who often have to resort to such quick conversion either out of business needs etc. The app has multiple conversions with more than 60 currencies of the world. So, basically, this app has a sizeable number of multiple options for you. Yes, apart from that, the app is free and there are no ads as well. So, it is going to be dual delight for you. 

Forex Currency Rates


Forex Currency Rates is another detailed app to help you with trading of currency. Just by this app of yours, you are able to successfully handle the global currencies cutting across the length and breadth of the world. Additionally, you are also able to get current updates on money trends. Users have the option to set their favorite currency table to pursue their daily work.  The app has the function to be transferred through a SD card to another Android device. So, if you happen to travel a lot and looking for ways to be updated of what’s happening in the money trends or looking for the exact value before conversion, then you know this app is the best bet. 

Currency converter Plus


Well, as basic as it can actually get, Currency Converter Plus roughly supports only 36 currencies. You can term it to be a calculator. What’s interesting is that, considering the basic features, it has been associated with; it is compatible with a low quality Smartphone too. 

Mobile Converter

Mobile Converter is another one of free converter app. It is timely updated and has whopping access to 168 world currencies and it can equally handle their respective conversions. You can also set the preference of your favorite denominations.

XE Currency arms you with the exact information about foreign currency. Yes, you will get fast and accurate information, through the app. Yes, it helps you to give exact and detailed information, thanks to the pleasing and clean user interface; there is a detailed data on world currency. Users, have the option to track in real time, just to be sure of what’s latest.

Convert Pad

Covert Pad is another app meant to give business owner several utility. It works as a unit converter by converting one unit to another, irrespective of the measures. The app has the support of more than 160 currencies along with 23 languages, and this renowned global app is easing customers to handle the needs of the exact and specific currency which has to be converted. 

My Currency

My Currency is another great app which is capable of handling more than 160 currencies of the world. So, basically, if you are a traveler or a businessman and often need the updated value of the current exchange value for the country you are visiting, then you know this app is the best. It is simple to operate as its interface is great and clean. It is also designed to handle various virtual currencies in terms of Facebook Credits, Bitcoins and Linden Dollar. It also comes with the charts which is able to show the trends as per daily, monthly or yearly basis.  What more do you want, when it has come up with automatic updates so as to help users updates with the prevailing exchange rates happening across the world as of now. 

Final thoughts

Finally, after reading the above post, you now know the best currency convertor apps for Android and how they are going to ease your life as a traveler or a businessman for better. So what are you waiting for?

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