Top 9 spy apps for Android : Best apps you should use

Legitimately, you can use the spy app as per your requirement, and there are various reasons for using the same as well. 

Prominently, it comes with three main uses, which are as follows:-

  • Tracking your phone
  • Tacking the phone of your employees
  • Tracking the phone of your kids

As long as the use of the spy app is done healthily, it is perfectly fine, and there shouldn’t be any hidden agenda like tarnishing the image or gaining access to footage where you may demand money in response to not disclosing it, etc. It is essential to ask for consent from the individual as well. ( Read also: The Best face swap apps )

There are laws related to it, and you should check them so that you can be called a law-abiding citizen. In short, you need to be a responsible person while using it. Now, let’s check on the top 8 spy apps for Android:-


How important has it become to keep an effective check on the activities of kids while they are passing the time online? Now, with online classes happening, the responsibility becomes even more for you to keep track of the different activities that your kids do. The app keeps informed and detailed activities of what the kids do. Based on your preference, you can even lock the device or add certain limits to the device. ( Read also: Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android )

The app also recommends apps to your kids. There were a few issues with the bugs, but overall, the majority of people had a great experience with the same for free. ( Read also: Top 5 fax apps and fax sending apps for Android )

Find my device by Google


Lost your phone and don’t know what to do? Well, “Find My Device by Google” keeps you informed about the exact location of your phone. Also, you can wipe the date from your phone or lock it for additional safety and security. You can keep an effective track of the activities right off your phone.


Free / $5-$43 annually 

Cerberus is an excellent phone tracker app meant to track your phone. Yes, it involves detailed steps from taking photos of potential thieves to searching for the phone on the map, etc; you can do SMS commands. Also, you can lock and wipe your data so that it doesn’t reach the wrong hands, and you can have peace of mind as well. In short, you can effectively spy on the person who has stolen your phone. There is a subscription service where you have to pay $5 annually while using a single device. 


Free trial / $99 – $199 for three months 

FlexiSpy is another spy app on Android. There are a series of features which it allows you to do. For example, listening to the surroundings of the device after turning the microphone, looking after the chat apps, keylogging, etc. It also does an additional unique thing of completely hiding from antivirus apps. Considering the list of features it has, you need to spend a big chunk of your money. You won’t find it on PlayStore. 

Kiddie Parental Control 

Free / $0.99 monthly / $9.49 once

Tracking the activities of your kid’s phone has become more accessible and simpler. Yes, thanks to Kiddie Parental Control, which, being a new entrant, has an effective tracking method. There are features where you can block the installation of the app, or if you feel like sensitive content should be filtered, then that can be done with ease. Also, tracking the children’s devices remains your foremost task, and this app effectively does that. There is a subscription service for the app.

Prey Anti Theft


Prey Anti Theft is another one in the list, which comes with a series of features to ensure that your phone is found. Yes, right from GPS tracking, sending alarms, phone locking, etc, everything is done with ease as per the features. Prey has also enabled us to take pictures with the camera, and it takes into consideration the device’s MAC address. 



Spyera is another spy app for parents. Likewise, it has features which are in the parameters of being desired and viewed from the angle of parents. For example, the app has the feature of hiding it from everywhere. Yes, that’s the most essential and clear view of what the app can basically do without coming into the limelight. Additionally, it has the support of remote control, and it takes due charge in view of any shady behavior. Considering the fact that it is slightly expensive, for people who may look for only the basic features, the phone isn’t recommended for sure. It isn’t available on Google Play, but there is an official website where you can get that. 

Carrier family locator apps


Carrier Family Locators helps you keep a tab on your desired phone. There are certain features that it has. For example, you can use the “On-demand location” of your phone, etc. The app supports most of the devices. 


Free / $59.99 – $89.99 annually 

XNSPY is another spy app with loads of features in the form of GPS tracking, accessing chats, etc; also, if you want to monitor the call logs and do another similar kind of stuff, then that can be done and practiced as well. The free version doesn’t give you detailed features, but the premium version has all the associated features which you can use for yourself and get the best help.

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