Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android

Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android
Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android

How often you try to safeguard your credentials and important files? Well, obviously that’s the most obvious thing to do. Now, considering the list of important passwords which are there, it is highly important for you to keep them in place, so that you know you can access them with perfection.  Similarly, your suggestions for more complex passwords can also be done as well.( Read also : The Best face swap apps )

So, let’s now check the following password manager apps for Android to give your online credentials a safer, secure and highly authentic approach. Let’s now look at the top 8 password manager apps for Android:-


Free / $2.99 – $4.99 monthly 

1Password is quite a delight by offering you one month trial where you can know its basic features such as password generation, management along with cross-platform support etc. The app also has the feature of password unlock. ( Read also : Top 9 spy apps for Android : Best apps you should use )


Free / $4.99 – $9.99 monthly

Dashlane has power, thanks to the app it offers. While if you are going for the free version, you can get upto 50 passwords as a security feature along with alerts etc. There is couple of premium subscriptions. The first one is of $4.99 monthly which has greater power storage and you can sync unlimited devices. The $9.99 monthly tier creates identity restoration support, credit monitoring service as well as there is an insurance of $1 million in case of occurrence of theft. However, having said the same, the free version is just fine but if you are looking to sync devices, then for that you have to pay. ( Read also : Top 5 fax apps and fax sending apps for Android )

Enpass Password Manager

Free / $9.99

Enpass offers quite a power of sorts, in terms of the password manager. You don’t have to pay any subscription fees and you can ensure desktop version for Linux, PC and Mac.  When it comes to safety and security, then there can’t be any compromise done as you know your online presence should be achieved and done with professionalism and this app knows very well how to achieve the same. The app also has a backup and restores your info along with cross platform syncing. Similarly, thanks to how the import is done from other password managers, migration is so easy to be attained and done. There is also an option for you to auto-fill your passwords into Google Chrome, well for that this is the specific browser which you have to use. Downloading is free and by spending $9.99 gives you the convenience of unlocking everything. 

aWallet Password Manager

Free / $3.49

aWallet is another app to secure your banking info, passwords, credit card info along with customer data, as per your requirement. You can also get to know about the auto-lock features.  If you want a trickier and difficult password to generate, then that can be done as well, thanks to the built-in password generator. Well, you have to become a premium member to achieve the same. There are various basic features which it follows in terms of AES, Blowfish encryption. After downloading the app which doesn’t cost you anything, you can go for the pro-version.  The app comes with its systematic approach towards creating a more friendly and easy way of living a life as you know that all of your important credentials are in secure hands


Bitwarden is a new entrant and has witnessed quite promising features, thanks to the developers who have made it a point of creating a fool-proof and secure way of dealing with the whole password related management. The app has AES-256 bit encryption, as well as makes use of technology that gives full-fledged support in view of any brutal attack. The best thing about the app is that it comes without any cost and is completely open source where as per your choice, you can host your password server as well. So, all of this comes without any cost, and you know you are going to make the right decision at the right time while opting for this password manager app. 



Keepass2Android is another password manager app which does all the basic functions where you can take backup passwords etc. However, having said the same, unlike the complex features which many competitors do, it sticks to the basic ones. It is open source and is free. It is based on Keepassdroid and there is good compatibility between the two. 


Free / Upto $9.99 monthly 

Keeper has traditionally been there for quite sometime now. It has been regularly updated to give excellent features to the users. Few of them relates with password generator, auto-fill capabilities along with photos, videos, files etc. Well, it is slightly on a higher side; since you can regard it to be an expensive manager app the list has produced. However, before you opt for the paid version, you also get entitled to the triall so that you can basically know what you are going to get. However, apart from the same, there is a free version as well. 

LastPass Password Manager

Free / $2-$4 monthly

LastPass has a renowned existence in the world of password manager apps. There are tons of features which you can use, such as auto-filling passwords, sites, app etc. Considering how flashy it is, well this feature has been greatly appreciated and liked by one and all. You can perfectly store your photos and notes in a secure manner. Apart from that, you can literally enter the world of features in the form of fingerprint scanner support, password generator. If you want to give emergency access to any family member, then that can be done as well. Apart from that, there is also a password auditor which at once warns you whether you need a stronger password. The free version is ok, while the subscription tiers are priced.  What more do you need when you can also add Lass Pass authenticator in Google Play for adding 2-factor authentication.

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