Top 5 fax apps and fax sending apps for Android

How many of you know the good old days of faxing? Well, many of you do remember, but still inspite of being regarded to be outdated or referred as a dying technology, yet it has its own relevance. 

People have their own justification as to why it hasn’t been too meaningful and operational these days with respect to email. Yes, email has been way better and easier considering the massive use of internet across the world. While for the fax machine to operate, the other person also needs the same machine for them to functions. However, things are different now, as there are apps which will help you to send fax to the desired person without the need of machines on either side. It is like you pop something in a device, and person on the other end can take a printout of the same. ( Read also : The Best face swap apps )

However, inspite of being referred as a technology with minimal use, still there are few government entities as well as companies which make it mandatory for you to fax things periodically. Yes, so if you say, that the relevance of the machine has been totally outdated is something which isn’t right. What more do you need, when you can fax things through the use of your Android device at a very cheap price. 

Through the following post, you will know the top 5 fax apps for Android:-

Genius Fax

Free with in-app purchases

Genius Fax is another scanning app where you put your documents into your phone. Now, this is where the fax app starts to function to fax it out. Thereby, you can use pull files from Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Well, spend money to fax. There is also a temporary feature of renting a fax number which will then be used to receive faxes from others. There is a set time frame for renting a number which can be one, three or six months. Based on the extent of subscription you pay, you can get the paid feature accordingly. Also, you can add more time to it, based on your requirement. 

Easy fax

Free with in-app purchases 

Are you looking for a competitive and professional solution without compromising on the aspect of quality? Well, if yes, then Easy Fax offers the solution for faxing documents with ease. The app has the support of PDF format as well as images. There is other cloud storage support for Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. Mostly, faxing is all about scanning the document by keeping the quality in place. Now, if you require scanning your document, then there is a function of the scanner, which does the same. It is fairly priced. If you are initially starting, you are eligible for 15 free credits. Thereby, it would roughly cost you $0.25 – $0.50 per page and of course location do matters as well. It is easy to handle and work.( Read also : Top 5 fax apps and fax sending apps for Android )


Free with in-app purchases 

FaxFile is another competitive app which has simple user interface and is comparably cost effective. While sending the fax, there are few things such as filling out the recipient or the information of the sender you want to send the fax at, along with paying the charges applicable for the same and then send it. There are different files which it supports in terms of JPEG, PDF as well as PNG files. There is a credit system associated with the app, so you can purchase credits for the specific amount of money you need.

The credit money is used towards faxing the things. Also, there is a subscription available where if your work needs to send unlimited faxes on monthly basis, then that can be done too. However, there has been issues for people, so kindly beware before spending the money. There is an advice from developers to cross check the fax numbers first in order to know and ascertain the authenticity of their functioning, before investing your money. After all, you need to be sure, whether your call is going to be picked up or not.  ( Read also : Top 9 spy apps for Android : Best apps you should use )


Free with in-app purchases

MobiFax has been around for some time and has been greatly in use across different countries of the world. Even the cost effective price is the result of how popular this app has become. It also supports JPEG as well as PDF file formats. Also, it works with ease and is simple, lightweight and operating is so fun. But, be warned, that you may come across few issues of bugs. ( Read also : Top 8 Amazing Password Manager Apps for Android )

Tiny Fax

Free with in-app purchases

Tiny Fax scan documents and based on the desired address where you want to fax documents, you can do the same as well. Its simple user interface is quite awesome. Also, for future reference, you can archive the documents so that you can keep a track whenever or wherever you may need. You can also get from cloud storage to send faxes.  There is a credit system associated with the app. For faxing to two countries namely US and Canada, there is a total cost which comes up to 10 credits per page while the cost of internationally faxing depends between $0.25 – $0.50 which primarily relates on the exact credits you have bought at one go. 

Final thoughts

Finally, aforesaid are the top 5 fax apps. Now, that you know them well you can send faxes with professionalism and accuracy without any issues.

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