Top 9 call recorder apps for Android

Call recorder apps do have legitimate use. There are reasons for people to record their phones, both for security and legal reasons. ( Read also: Top 7 free calls apps for Android )

However, you need to check out the local laws before beginning with these apps. Through the following post, you will know the best call recorder apps for Android, and you will get these apps for Android 8.1 or under. ( Read also: Top 5 battery saver apps for Android and other ways too )

Let’s now take a look at the top 9 call recorder apps for Android:-

Boldbeast Call Recorder

Free / $9.99

Boldbeast Call Recorder is another app, and in order to know its current status, you have a Google Play rating with you. Well, this app is quite a delight, and it is known for delivering as per its promise. ( Read also: Top Currency Converter Apps For Android )

You also have the option of manually recording calls with a hotkey based on your preference. Obviously, the app works as a voice recorder as needed. The app comes with enriching support for Android 8.1 and 5.0. It also functions on Android 9.0 with root and Android 10

Call Recorder Automatic

Free / $4.99

Call Recorder Automatic requires you to use your phone speaker if you want to record a dual conversation. It is simple and basic; you don’t have to be a technical person to use it. After the call is recorded, now it is time for you to organize, share, or save it as per your desire. However, a few people do have issues with the app, and the biggest problem they have faced is that they have experienced call log problems. Additionally, there are a few other restrictions associated with Android Pie. 

Automatic Call Recorder

Free / $6.99

Automatic Call Recorder is a pretty renowned and popular one. The app comes with the integration of Google Drive and Dropbox integration, as well as other features to help towards easing the call recording process. The pro version is slightly expensive, but having said the same, you will be able to get other features, too. So, apart from recording the calls, it has a series of other features which are pretty noteworthy. 

Automatic Call Recorder by recorder & smart apps

Free / $5.49

The app may be less popular, but it certainly deserves to be on the list. It has a series of features in the form of automatic call recording as well as the ability to record in different audio codecs, etc. There is also a backup over cloud storage along with other features that you are surely going to experience. 

Blackbox Call Recorder

Free trial / $0.99 per month

Blackbox is known for an excellent call recorder app that comes with a series of features such as call recording, cloud backup support, etc. What makes this app unique is its lock function, which is an added version of security along with dual SIM support as well as Bluetooth accessory support. It comes with a cleaner interface when compared to the list of recording apps on the list. It isn’t on a pricey side, for sure. 

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Smart Voice Recorder


Smart Voice Recorder is another app with features where you can switch from standard recording to call recording. It is a free app, and you may have to worry about ads, which become a standard feature for it. Apart from the same, you can also record in various audio codecs, and based on your requirement, you can share with your cloud storage. Considering the way you can work in connivance with the advertisements, you have nothing to lose. What more do you want when it is a free app where you have nothing to spend? Isn’t it great?

Smart Recorder by SmartMob

Free / $1.49

The smart Recorder is a voice recorder app. It also has other essential functions associated with it in terms of call recording, and the exciting part of this app is that it can cut the silence that usually prevails during the call conversation so that you can hear it quickly without any issues. It is quite an excellent call-recording app with marvelous features to give you a boost. However, considering its functions, it may drain a lot of your battery, especially if you are looking to make it work for a longer duration of time. If, in the event, you use Google Play Pass, you can get it for free. 

Cube Call Recorder

Free / $1.99 per 3 months

Cube Call Recorder is an app that, besides working with regular phone calls, equally functions well with VoIP services in terms of Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. It is also associated with various features that are going to prove its worth for you, such as quality recording features, playback features, etc. If, in the event, you want to omit specific contacts from automatic call recording, then that can be done as well. 

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps

Free / $1.99

Voice Recorder by Splend Apps is another voice recorder to add to your call recording feature. The features are centric on call recording. There are certain aspects in the form of background recording, call recording, bitrate settings, etc. Besides being cost-effective, you equally ensure a voice recorder that actually delivers what it promises. You can find it on Google Play Pass.

Final thoughts

Finally, you have the list of the apps where you know you can do voice recording with ease and perfection. So, what are you waiting for?

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