Top 7 free calls apps for Android

The technological invention has given us so much. Right from room sized computer to land line phones, it has come of age. Yes, right from highly expensive calling charges to now cheaper internet options of calling, things have changed for better. Yes, all you need is purely a data connection or WiFi, and there you can call anyone across the world. Although, we don’t mean much of a difference when it comes to VoIP calls or physical phone calls, but still the thing which creates an edge out of the two is VoIP calls since due to the mass presence of internet over literally in every nook and corner of the world. ( Read also : Top 5 battery saver apps for Android and other ways too )

Yes, that’s the beauty of how things work, when the only factor is reliance on internet, so VoIP excels in a better way and is comparably cost effective as well. Let’s now take a look at the top 7 free calls apps for Android:-


Free with in-app purchases

Dingtone is amongst the many free call apps which you find on Google Play. In order to make the whole scenario of calling procedure systematic and highly effective, it comes with a specific phone number which you can use it as per your local code. Likewise, the app helps you to make calls in as many as 200 counties which is pretty impressive and there is no limit to the calls or data. (Read also : Top 9 call recorder apps for Android )

The only requirement is that all of your friend circle should be using Dingtone. Thanks to in-app purchases, you can make calls to real phone number and you require a credit system for the same. Although, it is not completely free, yet still it is based as per your needs, and you don’t have to spend money, if you don’t want to. 


Free / $6.67 – $12.50 monthly per member

Slack users can make or create free calls. The service has been specially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of how chat service is done and established for a long duration of time. You can individually message people or text them and you can integrate with loads of other apps. Calls are easy to create and establish with good quality, since it is a cross platform. However, few times you may experience issues while connecting with people with the rest of the world.

Signal Private Messenger


Signal Private Messenger is another renowned service that exceptionally delivers on the aspect of safety and security. Being an open source, it encrypts everything which is being sent. The whole list of features includes sending text messages, voice calls or just anything or everything.  The same has to be used by the other person in order to establish connection and for making it free. ( Read also : Top Currency Converter Apps For Android )


Free / Varies

Skype offers free calling. It has traditionally proved its worth right by being a unanimous and most readily used option for one and all, when it comes to Skype calling in officers or home. It has been serving the needs of people all these years. Yes, you can use it on computer, mobile phones, tablets and every other aspect of computing device which you can possibly think of. Yes, calls are free while you send text messages, voice calls or even video calls to others but they should be using Skype. In the event of calling on phone number, you require credits. But, no such thing is needed when you call Skype members for fre. Other than that, you can chat various members’ rights on a single voice call and this attribute really functional well for greater degree of productivity. 


Free / $6.99 / Varies

GrooVeIP is another great medium of establishing free calls. Through the app, you get a US phone number which can be used by you to call others. There are calls or texts which you can do. You may find the free part to be a bit taxing and there is an option for you to earn credits for free. But that entails you to watch ad videos and that somehow becomes taxing if you really don’t want to go through such a long process. Well, other than that, you have the option to purchase credits and this service will help you to use it for calling purpose. So, if you are going to initiate limited calls, then it is good. 

Google Duo


Google Due is a video chatting app and in simple process you just need to download it, insert your phone number and there you will be eligible for creating free video calls. Well, it is important that the person on the other line has to use the same app which is Google Duo.  The app offers multi-platform as it works on iOS and Android. The quality of calls initiated is awesome and there is absolutely no disturbance which you come across with. It offers only video calls, as per the update. 


Free with in-app purchases 

Viber initially started as a VoIP service. Considering the level of work the developers have done towards strengthening its service, it can now do voice chats, text chats along with video chats. If the other person is also using Viber, then calls will be free. However, if you want to call on specific number, then there is a nominal charge which you are supposed to pay. There are other options to buy stickers and there is a series of customization features which you can resort to after doing in-app purchases, but this is based on your preference as it is totally optional. 

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