Cell Phone Tracker – How to Track the Live-Location?

Have you ever wondered why we want an app to track someone’s phone? Is it ethical to learn about a person’s life location? Does the use of mobile trackers refer to the invasion of privacy?

Yes, multiple questions come to mind when we hear about the mobile tracker for the first time. The one answer to all matters is the security that we want to provide our loved ones to avoid potential dangers. (read also: 5 Best games similar to the PUBG Mobile Lite under 150 MB on Google Play Store )

In recent years, cell phone tracker software was not considered a reliable solution, but now, its demand has been increasing with every coming year. Specifically, parents want such tracking apps to secure their kids with location-tracking services. Unfortunately, many people are not tech-savvy as the digital generation is. 

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But no worries!

We have a solution to every problem. 

People often physically access the kid’s phone and check their online activities in front of them. But it can cause trust issues, and they can change the settings or history. Remote access with a hidden tracker can eliminate such problems and empower you to check where your loved ones have been. (read also: Top Currency Converter Apps For Android )

Let’s unlock three ways to access the target device without touching it and get whereabouts alerts without giving any clue. 

1 – Google Maps – Share Location 24/7

When we hear the Google name, it makes us think about user-friendly behavior. It always inspires the audience with its easy-to-learn services that a newbie can understand in no time. It’s a solution itself and gives us other benefits, such as a location-sharing feature. A user can access the target device to check the location remotely. How?

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Let’s unveil how to enable the location sharing feature on Google Account.

1 – Tap on the Location Sharing Feature

2 – Add the User (with whom you want to share your location) 

3 – Enter the Email Address of the User

4 – Share your live location with your trusted friends.  

When you share your location, set the time for how long you want them to see your live location. Not only you but also your other contacts can share their place anytime. 

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 2 – Social Media Apps

 Luckily, our daily routine apps have also launched location-sharing features, such as Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. Sharing your current location with strangers can bring multiple sets of problems that can hit hard for a lifetime. But, if we use such features for security purposes, then it can save us from many potential problems. Let’s take an example of how a user can track a loved one on Facebook.

 How to Share Location on Facebook?

 1 – Tap on Chats

2 – Open a Conversation (with whom you want to share your location)

3 – Tap on the text-box 

4 – Click on Location 

5 – Tap on the Share button to enable Location-sharing 

 That’s it. 

What is the solution if your loved one didn’t turn on the location but needs your help? Well, our next section involves online tracking without target device approval.  

3 – Cell Phone Tracker – A Convenient Way to Access Target Device

 Occasionally, we couldn’t reach our loved ones, and they hadn’t shared the location on Google Maps or any other way. That’s why technology has introduced a mobile tracker that requires installation on the target device. It does work in the background and fetches all the data without giving any clue. The installed mobile tracking app will send the collected data to the end server and display it on a user-friendly control panel. It empowers the end-user to track the current location plus history with only a few clicks. 

Parents or organizations can use trackers to check where the target device user is. A user can use multiple location-based services, such as geo-fencing, whereabouts notifications, etc. 

TheWiSpy – World’s Most Advanced Phone Tracker

It is the most reliable mobile tracker that enables the end-user to track the device of their loved ones with remote access. Not only does it provide location tracking, but it also provides many other online monitoring services, including screen capture, videos, photos, audio, activity management, call recordings, text messages, etc. 

Unveil the current status of the target device user by using a cell phone tracker and guard your loved ones!

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