Two men sentenced to prison: Northeast DC

Two men sentenced to prison: Northeast DC

After a failed robbery incident, two men in Silver Spring, Maryland, will have to spend the next decade in prison. They were reported to attempt a robbery in Northeast DC involving a baby approximately two years back. Kenneth Vann, who was 43 years old, and Jose Gonzalez, who was 48 years old, were sentenced to six and eight years of imprisonment, respectively, before they were sentenced to death.
The infant child of the owner was involved in the robbery
Marijuana and cash were involved in the robbery
A neighbor had called the 911

Maryland News

Prosecutors’ statement relating to the intruders breaking into the apartment

The prosecutors state that the men had traveled to DC in November 2022. They were there to rob an illegal marijuana dispensary. The intent was all about stealing the marijuana and the cash as well. According to the prosecutors, as the men entered the apartment, they found the owner, his wife, and an infant child. One female friend was also there!

Incident describing the occurrences inside the house during the robbery

The man had initially put Vann into a chokehold. He even attempted to get his 9 mm semi-automatic revolver, but as Gonzalez did point out a gun at his wife and child, he stepped back. The intruder gagged the adults while putting the child in a baby swing as they tried to ransack the apartment. However, the owner managed to get rid of the duct tape from his mouth and shouted for help. A neighbor did hear the voice and called 911. The prosecutors stated that the police arrived and, thus, arrested the two men much before they could find a way to flee.

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