A man wins second lottery prize in 2 months in Baltimore

A man wins the second lottery prize in 2 months in Baltimore

A man in Maryland is recently reported to have won a second gold in just two months. This is indeed a giant lottery win for him. He had first won a 30,000 dollars prize in January, and then again, he had claimed a 50,000 dollars prize this week. Indeed, this man is winning big deals with his luck, and the Maryland lottery news recently reports that. The public is quite surprised and glad to know more about this man!
Apart from winning big prizes, the Baltimore man even won small prizes
He couldn’t believe his luck in winning those big winner
The anonymous winner is reported to work for Amazon

Details about the Baltimore man who won the prize

The 56-year-old man from Baltimore, a resident of Baltimore, decided to stop at a liquor store, and from there, he purchased a couple of lottery tickets. Apart from winning the two big prizes of 30,000 and 50,000 dollars on his lottery tickets, he had even won small awards of 20 $ and 5 $ on the other keys he had won! He had participated in the Crazy 8s game of the Maryland lottery. In a news release, the winner said that he could not believe his eye when he looked at the ticket and matched the number. Thus, he called his girlfriend to get assurance of the same.

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More about the anonymous man winning big prizes in the Maryland lottery

The man is reported to work for Amazon and is still unsure how he would be spending the prize money he had recently won! He further thought of planning a vacation in honor of the 60th birthday of his girlfriend. Who had been dating each other for 20 long years? He might also count on purchasing a new car. Well, he will not be the only guy to win the prize. Alongside, the Mitt’s Rosedale Liquor shop from where he had purchased this ticket will win a 500$ bonus.

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