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5 Places to Meet LGBT Friends Online

If you are a young person struggling with questions of sexual identity, it might be comforting to find others who can relate. The easiest approach to meet people who identify as LGBTQ+ is through the internet, as there are more ways than you can imagine to find a community online.

But, if you are confused and know nothing about how to plan your search, here are the top 5 places to start. You will feel more at ease opening up to people of a similar age, which could be beneficial in your search for your identity. And the best part is that even if you do not feel like meeting someone, you can still enjoy a quick chat to share your thoughts and talk about your desires. 

Try Niche Online Dating Sites

Nothing works better than finding a romantic fling than joining a dating site. If you have just come out of the closet and looking for your first romantic interaction, dating sites will not disappoint. Just create your profile, and they use smart matchmaking algorithms to find you the most suitable partners. 

The best part of using a dating site is that they come with dedicated bisexual chat rooms made for bi-sexual girls and bi-curious men. These chat rooms allow you to interact with bisexuals while maintaining complete anonymity. 

Depending on the site and how vibrant the chat room is, you will have chances to meet people with different views, which keeps things interesting. Getting perspectives around the world would help you understand your sexuality better and make new friends who think like you.

Spend Time on Social Media

The vast reach of social media makes it ideal for connecting the LGBTQ community online. The option works quite effectively whether you are interested in chatting or want to meet someone for a casual date. It all depends on how you plan your search and which social media platform you choose.

Even though there are numerous social media websites, Facebook is the most popular. You can use it to locate an LGBTQ+ community and find bisexuals, lesbians, and people with different sexual orientations. It makes it easier to make bisexual friends on Facebook with whom you can connect digitally and, if desired, arrange to meet in person at a convenient location.

Instagram dating is also a real thing and a great place to meet potential dates and life partners. People tend to be more outspoken on the platform, which is good for finding bisexuals online. If you share a story online, it is because you want feedback on it. As a result, the person you have a crush on will be less shy about replying to a post you write. 

Twitter is also an excellent medium for connecting with LGBTQ allies who share your views. Simply search for tags that pique your interest and follow users who share your hobbies. Then, you can send them a message to arrange a virtual meeting, or if they live nearby, you can determine a spot where you can both meet and have a wonderful time.

Check Out LGBTQ Forums to Find Friends Online

If you are a teenager still figuring out who you are, you can join prominent LGBTQ online communities.

You may share your ideas by initiating new threads or participating in ongoing topics. In addition, there are numerous private chat rooms for members exclusively, where you can meet other bisexuals and LGBTQ people.

Use online chat rooms to talk with others and learn more about who you are without revealing your true identity. If you are worried about meeting a fake person in a chat room, you can play it safe by adding them on Facebook after you have exchanged information.

Be Part of LGBTQ Support Groups

Young LGBTQ individuals are more prone to experience depression than non-LGBTQ individuals, particularly transgender and bi-sexual individuals. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and sometimes suicidal ideation are common issues associated with the fear of coming out.

If you find yourself in this situation, joining LGBTQ support groups is a great idea. These spaces are typically a type of peer-to-peer therapy and also help you socialize with like-minded folks. LGBTQ persons have access to online and in-person support groups that provide a safe place to talk about and process the challenges they experience.

Meeting new people in online LGBTQ support groups is a terrific way to expand your social circle. The good thing is that you can find all sorts of communities offering a variety of support, social, and networking groups. 

Joining these groups can be really productive. But this can only happen if people who identify as LGBTQ feel safe enough to speak up for themselves and ask for help when they need it. And that is another reason why most bisexuals and transsexuals feel more secure and comfortable chatting through dating sites than other similar media.

Be Part of an LGBTQ Organization

It is yet another good idea to learn more about your sexuality and expand your social circle to make new LGBT friends. Many organizations come with online communities and discussion forums.

 You can join those spaces to start a chat or share your feelings about your sexual orientation. And when you feel comfortable, you can join those organizations and volunteer to meet new people who belong to the same community.

What to Consider When Chatting Your Way to First Dates?

No matter what platform you use to chat and interact with potential partners, you have to practice some caution. For instance:

  • Take your time to pick the right partner. 
  • Do not be too quick to share personal details.
  • Maintain a level of anonymity throughout your interaction.
  • Do not forget to check their profile to learn more about them.
  • Look for red flags and trust your instinct when chatting.

Depending on the site you choose, your experience of chatting with bisexuals may vary greatly. Spend some time picking the best platform, and you will feel much safer chatting with LGBTQs around you.


The internet is a fantastic place to find what you like, and it offers enough help to make it easier to find love as a bisexual, transsexual, or gay single. But keep in mind that though social media platforms, gay forums, and LGBTQ organizations help make friends, nothing works better than niche dating sites when you want a romantic fling. Pick the best site and start chatting today!

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