Honor Guard joined the Maryland State Police

The Maryland state police constantly try to incorporate new provisions into its unit for people’s welfare. Recently, there was a new addition to the list. The newly formed Honor Guard joined the Maryland State Police Honor Guard in the past week, wherein the troop was trained with the Army’s official ceremonial unit, the Old Guard. The team comprised five Deputy State Fire Marshals who had volunteered to represent the agency at different ceremonies, funerals, and memorials. This unit was recently formed, and the S/DSFM Dell has been selected to lead and command the inaugural team. Next week, we had planned to reveal the class A uniforms. The ones for the command staff had also been issued.

A little about the Old Guard unit:

The 3rd U.S. Infantry, which is traditionally known as “The Old Guard,” is recognized as the oldest active-duty infantry unit in the Army. It happened to serve our nation since the year 1784. The Old Guard has offered various escorts to the president and provides security provisions for Washington, D.C., specifically in times of national emergency or civil disturbance. They had even presided over multiple funerals at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Changes post the arrival of the newly formed unit:

Post the training was given, the group could witness a change among the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They had even received a sporadic behind-line tour of the Sentinel’s quarters. Indeed, that is extremely rare; only a few would get the luck to witness the same or visit the location. They have been a bit more active than they were earlier! Also, their participation has increased, and they are now more actively volunteering on different occasions.

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