Maryland rideshare passenger assaults driver

The Maryland State Police arrests a rideshare passenger for assault regarding false imprisonment and drug-related charges. The state police have arrested a man who was alleged for booking a timeshare on Saturday. He was also physically abused by doing drugs in the car and harming the driver. Eduardo Castillo, 30, was arrested on Saturday evening. He was charged with second-degree assault, false imprisonment, and other drug-related charges. Per the police, a rideshare driver was held by a passenger against his will on Saturday at around 4 pm.

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Investigation being carried out

According to the investigation reports, the driver picked up Castillo in York, Pennsylvania. He then took him to various destinations and then also to Baltimore. However, Castillo had an allegation of taking the driver’s phone several times, after which he continued to yell at the driver for no reason; Hee even had an illegal substance in the front passenger seat. He further did hit him in the head at the time of driving.

Law enforcement agencies arresting Castillo

The driver sent a text message to his mother,r calling for help. She then contacted the police,e wherein the law enforcement agencies started looking at the victim’s vehicle. Finally, the state troopers from the Golden Ring Barrack in Essex, Maryland,d had located the rideshare driver and conducted a traffic stop on I-83 near York Road. On arresting Castillo, the police reported that he had been impaired with drugs and substances found inside the car too! He was eventually taken to the St. Joseph Medical Center for treatment and transported to the Baltimore County Detention Center. A district court commissioner had seen him there and decided to release him. On the contrary, the driver was also taken to a medical facility to check for his possible exposure to dangerous substances.

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