Montgomery Co. man arrested : sex trafficking in Florida

The Florida State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle had announced the arrest and extradition of a man in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was charged with human trafficking on Thursday. Monriko Miquel Clements, 31, was charged with the Miami-Dade Human Trafficking Task Force, U.S. Marshals, Montgomery County police, and Howard County police. He is alleged to have fled to Maryland after trafficking a 23-year-old woman.

Charged with gaining income from human trafficking

Clements was also accused of tattooing his name on the victim

The girlfriend revealed that Clements had brought the person to Florida for human trafficking and prostitution

Maryland resident charged: human trafficking

The Maryland resident was charged with participating in and gaining income from human trafficking. The officials said a self-identified 23-year-old girlfriend dived out of the moving car onto the Dolphin East-West Expressway. During a press conference announcing the extradition, Fernandez Rundle said, “Her boyfriend was hitting her while driving their rental vehicle.” She added that Clements brought that person explicitly to Florida for human trafficking and prostitution after meeting him on Tinder.

Clements alleged organizing the prostitution.

Clements, also known by his rapper stage name King Swuice, was accused of tattooing his name onto the victim. “This is a common practice, unfortunately, in all kinds of cases.” She added to it, saying, “it is taken by the alleged trafficker to show that the victim is a possession owned by that trafficker.” Clements was accused of offering addictive substances such as MDMA and cocaine to make the victim pliable. He is alleged to organize the prostitution of the woman by offering prices for sex, screening clients, and more. Even Clements had published several images of her on a digital escorting platform with her nude pics.


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