Rep Raskin’s announcement of cancer shocks but it is ‘curable’

Jamie Raskin rose to popularity through his outstanding association as a Jan. 6 committee member who also impeached Trump and has shared his health problem. He is battling cancer. However, he responds well to the tests even as the democrat, Maryland’s 8th District representative, has diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. The news highlights the importance of taking utmost care and caution. As a workaholic, he is keen to work through the four months of treatment.

Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin diagnosed with cancer: ‘serious but curable’

The Doctor’s Caution in the Wake of Covid

The oncologist Dr. Aaron Rapoport has advised immediate medical treatment considering the nature of the cancer. However, as a doctor, he is also a director at a Maryland-based cancer center. He has explained the time-bound treatment, considering the aggressive nature of large B-cell lymphomas.

There are around 50,000 new cases in the U.S. The good thing is that the response to the treatment is promising, even if it has aggressive lymphoma.

Rapoport is not the Doctor for the congressman but has said that the patients can work. However, due to the incoming dangers of Covid, patients should limit their outdoor exposure.

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He is energetic and positive in overcoming hurdles.

Raskin is a man with motivation. He has positive vibes and inner strength, which is not just seen through his work, but he is highly optimistic about the process. He is all set to undergo a course of chemo-immunotherapy at the prestigious MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, as the medical institution is also a cancer center. However, doctors also caution him about the effect on the immune system, which can result in hair loss or weight gain.

He is so thankful that he learned early and that a proper remedial measure has been initiated. Being a family man, he also reciprocates his love through his staff, colleagues, family members, and constituents, who are praying for his well-being.

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