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  1. Yes, I just recently ran into this problem myself. I wouldn’t mind if I had known in advance but it isn’t pretty when you have to return the item. It created a stressful situation since I had to wait for a shipping label, return the item to Amazon, and wait forever for ebay to return my money.

    I agree that this will indeed lead to more problems and increased Prime costs for honest consumers. Used to love ebay but will likely try to avoid it from now on. Not worth the risks or effort with so many 0 rating bidders jacking up prices.

  2. Great piece!

    eBay has a lot of ‘rules on the books’ that they don’t consistently enforce. Sadly, sophisticated automated SaaS offerings make the prohibited ‘arbitrage drop shipping’ from Amazon to eBay even easier.

    On eBay’s appalling and inconsistent customer service – in 2018 while amidst massive eBay cost-cutting and staff layoffs, then-CEO Wenig awarded $11 MILLION(!!) in BONUSES to eBay’s head of Customer Service (Wendy Jones, who committed to make “concierge-level service standard in 12-18 months”…well over 2 years ago. A small portion of that $11 million arguably would have been better served invested in revamping eBay’s self-service and other customer service tools. Instead, like Wenig himself, these millions went to another privileged yet under-performing eBay executive.

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