Get OP.GG League of Legends & PUBG Stats iPhone App

The Korean e-sport company OP.GG has just changed the trend of online gaming. The company has developed an application that is available on the App store and can be used for iPhones and iPads. It has a huge collection of users all over the world. The headquarters of the company is situated in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The company aims at becoming the world’s leading global gaming/esports company. It focuses on building an environment for all the gamers where they can have matches and interact with each other. The strength of the company’s number of employees is not too high. It has a total of about 11- 50 employees.

The company has introduced several Leagues for the players worldwide. Some of these leagues are, Leagues of Legends and PUBG stats, available on this app developed for App Store. The gamer who wants to win more and more matches can make use of these platforms for it. Almost 40 million users globally had chosen OP.GG.

OP.GG Features

The size of the app available for the iPad is 82.2MB. Some of the features of the Apps are:

  1. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 or with a later version. It can be installed for the iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch.
  2. The Age rating for the application is plus 12.
  3. In the App, depending upon the database of millions of the summoners. The playing style of a player will be analyzed and based on his/her performance he will be named to be a Faker or a feeder.
  4. A player can compare his score with other summoners for the match and also know the difference of himself with the fellow teammate. The app had a feature to let its player know about all this by the mean of the actual number. The number is decided on the basis of the performance of a player.
  5. Now a player can easily stalk at the champs, they do not need to use the trick of Alt+Tab anymore. The functions of Champion favorite and Champion Sorting can also be used by the players to know about the stats they need to beat back their enemies.
  6. The stats now shown in the app are based upon PUBG’s newly introduced ranking system. You must play the leagues.
  7. The app is available free of cost. The version name that has been released at the latest is 5.6.0.

OP.GG Apps Support

For any kind of help or support, you can visit through the link [email protected]. Other than these a user can also follow the link of the website, The app has even introduced support services via Facebook. The link to the page is

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