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Why the UFC betting market is growing so quickly

When it comes to sports, there are few titans that seem to have been around as long as the world itself. American football, basketball, and baseball are the pillars of the incredible sports industry in the US. 

But it’s not just the US that enjoys them. Regardless of the time zone differences, people worldwide tune in to see big match ups, enjoy UFC bets, and cheer with their friends when their team wins. 

A sport that was once considered too violent, too extreme, and simply too much has such massive strides into the heart of sports lovers that in 2019 UFC overtook the NFL on Instagram

Social followings can be a quick temperature taker for popularity. UFC currently has 30,1 million followers on Instagram, while the NFL has 22,3 million. 

That is a sizable gap! 

So what is it about the sport that has people tuned in, engaged with the favorites, and making bets too? 


You can’t say for sure that one football team will outplay the others, but you can look at past performance and stats and indicators. You have a whole team to consider, and you can make a pretty good guess. 

Yet, when two people step into the ring – anything can happen. The underdog can get a punch or a kick in, which changes the course of the whole match. It’s something that makes the entire match worth staying awake for, it’s worth the PPV, and it’s certainly worth a bet!

Thrilling personality 

If there is one thing that UFC fighters have by the bucketful, it’s personality. They know how to get their audience shouting and cheering for them – and they love it. 

While in many other sports, the players are relatively calm and reserved – save a few parties and some light scandals – with UFC fighters, they are a different animal. 

They don’t mind getting in Twitter brawls – or real ones; a press conference can be a hot-headed argument

The drama surrounding the fighters can be as gripping as the fight itself. Not to mention increases the anticipation of the big event. You have to choose where you put your money – the one with the best bark or the worst bite?!

Biggest Names

If there is one thing you know for sure, the UFC is going to put on the biggest and the best. Even new fighters will get a shot to warm up the crowds on the most significant event nights. 

The UFC gives the audience what they need and are asking for; you’ll see the biggest names in the sport compete for huge prizes in huge rings. There are a few substantial UFC fights that stand out too. 

  • McGregor vs. Nurmagomedov was a highly anticipated and action-packed fight
  • Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock was 2002, but the rival dated back years, making the fight a huge crowd pleaser
  • Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen was one of the most anticipated fights until they finally clashed in 2010

And you know for sure that no UFC superstar is ever going to miss the opportunity to show up and show out in the cage. 

Sports betting

Even though we know that sports betting has been around for a while for many other sports, it’s relatively new compared to UFC. A new five-year deal partnership with DraftKings and MMA UFC was announced in March 2021. 

This means that people looking to bet on their favorite fighters have more options than ever. This includes in-game promotions, in-broadcast odd integration, UFC branding, and other activations. 

It’s big news for the sport to have a sports betting partner – it means that fans get a truly extraordinary and unique sports betting experience. 


When you watch some sports, it’s best to know each player’s stats, know about the last match, what they’ve got coming up, and more. For regular fans, this is easy, but it’s more difficult to dip in and out of a team sport. It is more challenging to connect with the team. 

Interestingly, UFC is that you don’t need to know anything about the fighters unless you want to. You can watch the fight and enjoy it as a singular thing. UFC is one of the most accessible sports around. 

If you can’t watch the fight live in person, you can use pay-per-view and watch from the comfort of your own home. Keep in mind if you are betting to adhere to the rules in your own country. 

UFC taps into something that other sports just don’t seem to. The excitement, the vibrant and veracious personalities, the drama, and the climax of the fight night are packed with anticipation. 

MMA is a unique sport, and the UFC has made some incredible strides in securing lucrative and exciting partnerships with the likes of DraftKings, ESPN, Fox, and even Bud Light. 

Their meteoric rise isn’t at an end just yet. 

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