Reasons Why OSRS Mobile Is Popular

Though a lot of us are well aware that Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is significantly more popular than Jagex’s RuneScape 3, what some people might not be aware of is that the impact of OSRS Mobile had on the game’s player base.

According to current reports, prior to the release of the mobile version of Old School RuneScape, OSRS was maintaining a constant player count of about 50,000. Now, following the initiation of the mobile version, the number of gamers playing OSRS attained 200,000 at any certain time. That is a good deal of gamers playing this MMORPG, right?

Granted this amount quickly went back into a continuous average of 90,000 gamers –but we cannot simply overlook that means the mobile version practically doubled OSRS’ player base! The significant question is, why is the mobile version popular with gamers now?

Unique Gameplay

When Jagex made it possible to play OSRS on mobile, it brought what was missing in this sector –a longstanding MMO using a dedicated player base and systems that have kept players amused for decades. However, OSRS Mobile was more than that; it was a PC MMO transitioning to a mobile device.

This meant different player types felt invited to join, no matter if they were new to Old School RuneScape or have been playing the game for some time now. Once OSRS formally changes into a fully free-to-play game, eliminating RuneScape memberships, more casual gamers may be more inclined to test the game out.

Updated Regularly

It is a good game, but it can be very subjective. As a game that survived over a decade before it was brought back from the grave due to popular demand, it is pretty apparent that a good deal of people would agree with this statement. It might be the best throwback to the heyday of RuneScape, but it’s also receiving continuous updates, separate from those of RuneScape 3. 

This means that it is still very much alive and well, providing players with an astounding Old School RuneScape content whilst continuing to build that sound, and much adored, foundation.

For instance, fletching darts requires constant clicking and mouse movement to succeed on PC, but with the touch-driven mobile version, players can do this much more smoothly. 

Additionally, this rubs off on additional activities such as fishing or exploring most of Gielinor.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to speed things up a bit and level up your character, why don’t you get some OSRS gold for sale online. This will help put you ahead of other players and allow you to dominate the game right away.

Low Requirements

OSRS isn’t a game that requires remarkable specs for PC–being a reboot of the game from back in 2007. This allowed the game to transition to mobile easily with its relatively lower specs.

The official requirements for OSRS Mobile have been Android 5.0 or above or iOS 10.0. Seeing as we are now on Android 11 and iOS 14, it’s reasonable to say that a good portion of all mobile devices sold or utilized now will be able to play this mobile game nicely. This, again, allows OSRS to achieve a much larger player base, drawing in players old and new.

It’s easy to see why so many gamers select mobile as their preferred device for indulging in the world of Gielinor. And with the player base staying strong, it’s clear the OSRS will probably be around for several more years.

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