2021 Movie Releases – Movies Coming Out in 2021

A year after the new decade, the film’s prospects continue to improve. The releases scheduled for 2021 are so exciting that they’ll make you salivate ahead of time, and we can’t wait... Read more »

Morningside Maryland Public Works

Morningside’s Public Works Team goes above and beyond to ensure that public services are available and able to contribute to the town’s health and safety. The Public Works Department offers a handful... Read more »
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Animal Control PG County Maryland – Services And Contact Information

The Animal Services Division (ASD) helps Prince George’s County residents with problems associated with animals. The department responds to calls regarding animal cruelty complaints, injured animals, and vicious animals. When calling ASD,... Read more »

How To Obtain An Accident Or Incident Report From Prince George’s County Police Department

For individuals seeking an accident of incident report from the Prince George’s County Police Department, there are several options available. To obtain incident reports in person, visit the department’s Records Customer Service... Read more »

“What Is My Prognosis?” Why Cancer Patients Are Not Receiving Honest Answers

Today, expensive, modern cancer treatments are mushrooming quickly, providing patients with more therapy options than ever before. However, cancer patients are for the most part kept in the dark about their illness,... Read more »

Maryland Zoo Welcomes 4-Year-Old Southern White Rhino, Jaharo

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore is home to a 22-year-old rhino, Stubby, who will soon receive a new companion at the advice of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The 4-year-old white... Read more »

How Marylanders Can Remove Their Criminal Records From Public Access

A criminal conviction can taint someone for many years, if not their entire life. Getting a job, apartment, citizenship or professional license will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. However, there is... Read more »

Used Smart Devices Can Be Controlled By Former And Current Owners

Billions of people have invested in some type of Smart device, while some have been absolutely thrilled with their purchase, others not so much. An interface that is easy to access, use... Read more »

Make Your Existing Lock “Smarter” Without Compromising On Security

Many consumers are hesitant about investing in Smart devices, because they are vulnerable to security breaches. With limited cybersecurity functionality and the additional voice activation capability, the devices become even more vulnerable.... Read more »

The Signs Of Heart Disease – Something Everyone Should Know

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is the number killer in the United States. Recent data shows one-third of heart disease’ victims die, before the disease... Read more »