Tips That Maryland Dog Owners Need to Know

Whether you’ve just moved to Maryland with your dog, or you’re looking into getting a dog to keep you company in Maryland, there are a number of things you may need to know. By understanding what you need to keep your dog safe in Maryland, you can ensure your dog has a long, happy life. Here are six dog tips to know.

  1. Get a Leash with a Traffic Handle

A traffic handle is a loop on the bottom of a leash that you can hold to keep your dog right next to you. This is the leash handle you might want to use if you’re walking by busy traffic, as it will help keep the dog from being spooked and running into traffic. Many areas of Maryland have significant traffic, and a traffic handle will help keep your dog safe.

  1. Look for Food That Meets Your Dog’s Needs

Different dogs will have different needs depending on a variety of things — their age, their breed, whether they have any existing health conditions, how active they are, and plenty of other considerations. This is why it’s important to look for food that meets your specific dog’s needs.

  1. Get Enrichment Toys for Your Dog

Enrichment toys are important for many pets who live in cities. Due to the small amount of space in Maryland, many homes don’t have large yards, and enrichment toys allow you to keep them occupied. Enrichment toys are built specifically to help your pet mentally exercise, and if you don’t have them, your pet may end up being wound up and grumpy.

  1. Never Leave Your Dog in the Car

No matter the weather, leaving your pet in the car is a bad idea. Maryland rarely gets hotter than 90° Fahrenheit, but even that temperature can quickly compound in a car, leading to life threatening health concerns and safety problems for your dog. Leave your dog at home or see if you can bring them into the establishment with you.

  1. Know If You Need a Pet License

In most cities in Maryland, you need a pet license to have a dog. Typically, this is just to confirm vaccination for rabies, which is important, as bats in Maryland can carry rabies. Make sure you look up whether you need a pet license in your city before you get your pet.

  1. Find a Veterinarian

Lastly, it’s important that you have a local veterinarian you can bring your dog to when they’re sick. As part of the process of finding a veterinarian, you may want to utilize a pet telehealth option like Vetster. While it’s important to find an emergency veterinarian close by that you can take your dog to in case of urgent concerns, pet telehealth can help you manage less urgent concerns.

Tips for Dog Owners in Maryland

Depending on where you live and your local area, things may be different for you and your dog. If you’re a dog owner in Maryland, these are six of the most important pieces of information you can consider as a dog owner, from getting a license to finding a local veterinarian. Follow all six of these things, to help maintain a healthy, happy dog for many years to come while living in Maryland.

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