Tenpin voucher deals

Tenpin bowling is a type of bowling where a person rolls the bowling ball down the lane towards the ten pins positioned in four rows at the end of the lane. Usually, the goal is to knock all the ten pins down on the first roll. There are various tenpin bowling vouchers offered that allow people to enjoy bowling at relatively affordable charges than the initial price. The good thing about tenpin bowling is that you can play with friends, family, workmates or even your kids. This gives an excellent opportunity to bond and comes together for fun. There are various games you can engage in to keep you active the entire time. Here are some ten pin bowling voucher deals.

Family deals

Bowling is one most people have used to bring their families together and have a bonding experience. During their time together, these individuals share exciting hours engaging in activities. Apart from bowling, the family can try other activities such as Sing dizzy karaoke, pool, and sector 7 laser. Among the deals you will get in Tenpin is the family deal. It is a perfect deal for a family of four or more member’s family. However, if you come with additional players, they can only pay a junior rate and enjoy the activities. You can save a lot and enjoy a great day out with your family.

Student deal

Tenpin is all about everybody, and that includes students. Among the vouchers offered is the student deal. Students are offered 50% off on standard priced bowling at the tenpin centre. This deal is available from Sunday 6 pm to Friday 5 pm. However, something to remember is that the deal is only meant for students aged 16 years and above pursuing further education and having a student identity card. Upon arrival, students are supposed to provide their identity cards. However, when the deal is not available, the price charged changes to the adult standard tariff.

Sunday sessions deal

Tenpin voucher offers three games of bowling on Sundays starting from 7 pm until they close. If you love bowling or want to have some quality bonding time with your family, this is a session never to miss. On this day, you can have a friendly competition with friends and family. This option offers online booking, and therefore you can easily do it in the comfort of your home.

Friday frenzy

The Friday frenzy promo allows you to enjoy activities over 25% off the standard charges. You can do bowling games; get food and drinks at 25% off starting from 6 pm. However, to enjoy this discount, you can use the tenpin discount code.

Sign up for a newsletter

This is one way to save a lot from Tenpin and enjoy a great deal. If you sign up for the newsletter, you will get all the news, including offers, discounts and promotions. Signing up for the newsletter is also an excellent option to be updated on all the tenpin latest news. Sometimes, you will get a voucher code if you stay on an alert.


Tenpin bowling games are a means to bring people together and also do some savings. The best thing about Tenpin is that you can enjoy great deals by paying less and enjoying more.

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