Piracy Subreddits

Piracy Subreddits That You Should Not Go For

Reddit is the platform where you can get information or updates related to anything. You can accommodate any type of knowledge here on an unlimited basis. New people like it most because it provides all sorts of information that is harder to find on any other platform. It gives access to downloading all new movies, watches streaming of sports events, free video games, and its updated applications and many other similar things.  No longer have you had to wait for an obscure message board for getting access to a file for which you do not have access. In case if you didn’t have bookmarker The Pirate bay, on your browser, you can browse the subreddits dedicated to BitTorrents and BitTorrent trackers, or even The Pirate Bay. You can have subreddits for everything you want to know.

Although it is recommended that Reddit can be used for a more active stance against piracy, yet is it not anything else like a chasing game in which the website has a very less probability of winning. The subreddits are easier for anyone as it helps to know about various other things, but howsoever it is illegal. The subreddits provided are very effective and also useful for any kind of search result. The piracy should not be done for every purpose, however in some extreme cases where you do not find any source for any kind of object you can seek help from this list given below:

Links for Games/Apps, and Books

  1. /r/piracy
  2. /r/crackwatch
  3. /r/Opensignups
  4. /r/piratedgames
  5. /r/megalinks – now defunct, but you can have plenty of archived material
  6. /r/invites – Here in this link it will ask for an invitation to your favorite pirate BitTorrent tracker.
  7. /r/opendirectories
  8. /r/trackers
  9. /r/textbooks
  10. /r/torrentrequests – It is a private link, you will be asked for access permission
  11. /r/scholar – you can find here scholarly articles and books
  12. /r/SwitchNSPs – Nintendo Switch
  13. /r/PkgLinks – It is a Sony PlayStation Consoles
  14. /r/APKMODGAMES – It is a lonk for all Android games
  15. /r/3dspiracy- Nitendo 3DS
  16. /r/cemupiracy – Wii U
  17. /r/torrents

Links for streaming Movies and TV shows

  1. /r/fullmoviesonyoutube
  2. /r/fullmoviesonvimeo
  3. /r/moviesonanything
  4. /r/Documentaries
  5. /r/allucmovies
  6. /r/fullofmovies
  7. /r/fullmoviesongoogle
  8. /r/FullLengthFilms
  9. /r/BestOfStreamingVideo
  10. /r/fullanimeonyoutube
  11. /r/fullcartoonsonyoutube

Links that Streams Sports Events

  1. /r/nflstreams
  2. /r/MLBStreams
  3. /r/CFBStreams
  4. /r/NHLStreams
  5. /r/WWEstreams
  6. /r/nbastreams
  7. /r/ncaaBBallStreams
  8. /r/MMAStreams
  9. /r/mmafights
  10. /r/soccerstreams

You can use these links for getting your desired result. You can use “site:” follower by the link domain name for quick access. In case if you are unable to find a result go for the most popular subreddits in the search and you will surely find your result.

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