OSRS Lunar Diplomacy Guide

Get access to the Lunar Isle and more!

OSRS Lunar Diplomacy is a long quest that gives access to the Lunar Isle as well as the Lunar Spellbook. The latter provides several utility spells for convenience and some teleport spells to useful locations. Lunar equipment can’t be traded so there’s not much reward in OSRS gold. Still, the spells more than make up for that.

Without further ado, here’s how you can complete Lunar Diplomacy.


You’ll need the following skills at these levels unboosted. Lokar, the NPC who will start the quest, will not talk to you if you don’t have the required levels.

  • 5 Herblore
  • 40 Defense
  • 49 Firemaking
  • 55 Woodcutting
  • 60 Mining
  • 61 Crafting
  • 65 Magic

To start the quest you must also have done the following quests:

  • The Fremennik Trials
  • Lost City
  • Rune Mysteries
  • Shilo Village
    • Jungle Potion
      • Druidic Ritual

The items you need to bring are

  • A Tinderbox
  • About a thousand gold
  • One Guam leaf*
  • One Marrentill*
  • Pestle and Mortar
  • Hammer
  • Two spools of thread*
  • A needle*
  • Any ax
  • Any Pickaxe
  • A Shovel
  • Bullseye Lantern (neither unfinished nor empty)*
    • An alternative is to bring Swamp Tar and a means to reach the location of a Lamp Oil Still and back
  • Talismans or Tiaras for the four elements, the Elemental Talisman, or access to the Abyss
  • One (or more) Dramen Staff
  • Runes for the final boss fight (due to equippable gear limitations)
  • Combat equipment against level 111 enemies

Any item marked with an asterisk may be procured during the quest. An NPC can give you a Bullseye Lantern, but you’ll still need fuel to light it. That’s why you need the Swamp Tar and an Oil Still. You’ll also need access to the runecrafting altars for the elements (Air, Water, Earth, Fire). Other recommended items to bring are the Enchanted Lyre, Fremennik Sea Boots, and a means to return to Rellekka. It would also be nice to keep at least three inventory slots free.

What to Do

To start the quest, talk to Lokar Searunner on the farthest western dock on Rellekka. Provided you have the correct levels, he will say something about the Moon Clan. Then, you have to go to the longhall and talk to Brundt the Chieftain. He’ll give you a Seal of Passage you have to keep on you at all times in the Old School Runescape Lunar Isle and related areas. Otherwise, you’ll appear back at Rellekka, even if you’ve finished the quest.

After talking to the chief, go back to Lokar. He’ll send you to the Pirates’ Cove. There you’ll find a ladder you can climb up into the deck of the Lady Zay. Find Captain Bentley and say you want to travel to the Lunar Islands.

He’ll agree, but the ship ends up sailing a circle around the cove. Don’t disembark and talk to Bentley again. Find the navigator (‘Birds-Eye’ Jack) at the back of the lower deck and talk to him. Go back to the captain and suggest that it’s the navigator’s fault. Talking to Jack again reveals that the ship is jinxed.

The captain tells you to ask the rest of the crew for help. ‘Eagle-eye’ Shultz on the deck will tell you about jinxes. Then you talk to the rest of the crew.

  • Cabin Boy up a deck on the south
  • ‘Beefy’ Burns near the galley on the lowest part of the ship
  • ‘Lecherous’ Lee near Cabin Boy
  • First mate ‘Davy-boy’ near where the captain is

After talking to everyone, talk to Cabin Boy again. He’ll confess to putting the jinx on the ship. He’ll give you an Unfinished Bullseye Lantern and an Emerald Lens. If you have your own finished lantern, use the lens on it. Otherwise, you need to get to Lamp Oil Still and fill it with Swamp Tar. Take the unfinished lantern (it may be in your bank), use the Emerald Lens on it, and fill it with oil using the still.

Light the lantern to get an Emerald Lantern. You’ll need it to reveal where the jinxes are to clean them up. The locations are:

  • Either canon by Cabin Boy (try the other if the first doesn’t work)
  • The northwestern wallchart in the First Mate’s Cabin
  • The chest near the stairs on the lowest deck
  • Some stacked crates on the lowest deck, the ones near the cook
  • The support column near the cook

With the jinxes wiped clean, you can now sail to Moonclan Island.

On Moonclan Island, you can talk to Meteora to the southwest of the village. She’ll tell you some information about the town and direct you to the Oneiromancer. You’ll find her near the Astral Altar to the south of the island.

She will ask you to collect three things: a Waking Sleep Potion, a Lunar Staff, and Ceremonial Clothes. You’ll need to procure them in that order as well.

For the potion, find Baba Yaga in the Chicken House. She’ll ask you for a Guam Leaf, Marrentill, and a crushed Suqah Tooth. She also gives you a special potion bottle. First, fill that with water and go southeast. There you’ll find the Suqah. Fight them for a tooth (a relatively common drop), and you may collect their hides now if you wish. They may also drop Guam and Marrentill so here’s the chance to get them if you didn’t do so earlier.

Once you’ve gotten the tooth, mix the herbs in the water-filled bottle. Crush the tooth with your Pestle and Mortar, and mix the grounds to the herb mixture. Talk to the Oneiromancer to give her the potion.

For the staff, you need to enchant a Dramen Staff with the four elements in this order: Air, Fire, Water, then Earth. This is where the elemental tiaras or talismans come into play. Teleport to an altar, use the staff on them, and repeat for the next altar. The staff changes names depending on which step you are in enchanting it. A staff enchanted with Air, Fire, and Water will have the name Lunar Staff pt 3, for example.

If you are making more than one, turn all the staves you have into Lunar ones before giving one to the Oneiromancer. You’re going to need 30k OSRS gold buying more after the quest, so this is the only way to get them free. When using Fairy Rings to teleport around, make sure you leave one Dramen Staff. Your other Lunar Staves won’t be equippable until you surrender one to the Oneiromancer.

Giving the Oneiromancer a Lunar Staff lets you move on to the next step, making Ceremonial Clothes.

Your Ceremonial Clothes are made up of eight pieces, each with a different method of crafting.

  • To craft your helm, you need to go to the dungeon on the northwest of the island. Some Suqah might be guarding the stalagmite mine so be prepared to run. Mine any stalagmite to get Lunar Ore. You need only one to craft your helm, but if you want to do Fremennik Exiles afterward, getting more won’t be a problem. Return to Rellekka to smith your helm.
  • You’ll have to guess the name of Pauline Polaris in the northwestern part of the town for your cape. Pick ‘Pauline’ then ‘Jane Blud-Hagic-Maid’.
  • Your amulet you can get from Meteora. She’s willing to exchange it for the tiara she lost to the Suqah. Fight some Suqah to get the tiara, and make sure to get their hides. Return the tiara to get your amulet.
  • Your gloves, boots, torso, and leg clothing come from Rimae Sirsalis in the Clothes Shop. She’ll tan Suqah hides for 100 gold each, then you sew the tanned hides for your clothing. She also sells needles and thread if you didn’t prepare any.
  • Lastly, for your ring, talk to Selene in the middle of the village. She gives you a riddle. To solve it, you have to dig near blue flowers in the southwest of the island, past a bridge. Complete the dialogue, else you won’t get your ring.

With the completed set on hand, you can return to the Oneiromancer. She’ll give back all the items you let her hold (make sure to keep 11 inventory slots free). Also, she’ll give you kindling from the first-ever magic tree and a waking sleep vial. Before moving on, make sure to bank your other stuff and grab some combat runes, an ax, your tinderbox, some food, and Agility boosts. Don’t bank the Seal of Passage or your Lunar equipment as you still need those.

Now, you’re off to the Dream World. On the western side of the village, there’s a long building. Inside it should be a ceremonial brazier and a staircase. Use the kindling on the potion, light the brazier, and use the kindling on the fire. Make sure you’re wearing the full Lunar gear, or you’ll have wasted the kindling and potion and will have to get more from the Oneiromancer.

You’ll appear in the Dream World, a pastel-colored place with bizarre landmasses. Talk to the Ethereal Man or Ethereal lady in the center. Either one will tell you to face six puzzles accessed through portals surrounding the world. After completing each puzzle you’ll go back to the center to discuss what you learned during the puzzle.

Here are the puzzles and how to get to the solution:

Green/Yellow Platform on the Southwest

Here you’ll meet the Ethereal Fluke. He wants you to get the dice to the number he calls out. You don’t have to be lucky on the roll of the dice, as its position sets the values it can show. The center ones can only be 1 or 6, the ones to the east 3 or 4, and the ones on the west 2 or 5. Every time the puzzle resets, the totals add up to 21 and it’s just a matter of addition or subtraction from there.

Example: The total should be 18. You can flip the dice with a 5 into a 2, going from 1, 6, 2, 5, 3, 4 (21) to 1, 6, 2, 2, 3, 4 (18).

Pink Platform on the Southeast

This is where the Ethereal Numerator resides. They’ll call out a sequence where you should figure out the next two numbers. There is a certain set of sequences the Numerator can call out, and you can get repeats.

Blue Platform on the Northeast

You simply need to chop 20 logs and deposit them first in the center. You’ll be racing against Ethereal Perceptive and he can supply you with an ax if you don’t have one.

White Platform on the Northwest (may be Pink on iOS)

The Ethereal Guide pits you with a memory game. You have to jump between platforms while figuring out which ones are the ‘false’ ones that bring you back to the start.

Yellow-Green Platform on the East

You’ll be racing against an Ethereal Expert as you jump hurdles and he walks a straight path. You might need a boost in Agility and some food, as failing the obstacle costs 8 HP.

Teal Platform on the Southeast (Nearer to South)

Mimic the emote the Ethereal Mimic does, except the nod or shake head emote they do to confirm your success.

After finishing all these puzzles, talk to your guide at the center. They will ask you if you’re up for the ultimate challenge. Say yes and you’ll fight ‘Me’ an enemy geared to your stats. As you fight you’ll be teleported to the different challenge platforms but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. ‘Me’ also has some amusing dialog so watch out. Defeat him and then talk to your guide again. After that you can exit through the lectern, then you should talk to the Oneiromancer to finish the quest.


You’ll receive the following after finishing the quest:

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 5,000 XP for Magic and Runecrafting
  • A Seal of Passage for traveling around the Lunar Isle and related locations
  • Access to the Lunar spellbook, Lunar equipment, and the Luna Isle as well as the Astral Altar
  • 50 Astral Runes

You can now also move on to the Dream Mentor and Fremennik Exiles quests, as well as the Hard Fremennik and Elite Morytania Diaries.While you can’t earn OSRS gold selling Lunar equipment, access to the Lunar Spellbook makes up for it. The whole quest is pretty much you putting effort into completing challenges and errands which doesn’t really give opportunities to earn OSRS gold. Of course, that also means you don’t have to go buy OSRS gold to complete the quest. At any rate, have fun with your new stuff and continue enjoying Old School Runescape!

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