A Champion WoW Classic Warrior Class PvP Guide

You are the champion, my friend!

The Warrior isn’t exactly the best class for PVP in World of Warcraft Vanilla; the same goes in WoW Classic. At the same time, it’s not too bad either. Plus, it’s a fun class to play and take out other players with. To help you out with your goal of being a great PVP Warrior, here’s a short guide. You can bet your WoW Classic gold that they’ll be a huge help.

There’s No Warrior in Solo

We already started with a downer. Unfortunately we’ll have to follow with another one, which is the fact that the Warrior is one of the most team-reliant classes in WoW Classic PVP, if not the most. This is especially true when it comes to healing. It’s also dependent on buffs such as Blessing of Freedom and Dispel Magic, as Warriors need to stay mobile to be effective because it’s a melee class, and there are lots of classes that can impede its movement.

As for solo PVP, well, don’t get your hopes up. It doesn’t fare very well in this department, and the most it can do is take out a target with burst melee damage before it gets taken out. If you don’t mind that as long as you can bring down an enemy or two with you, then good for you. If not, then you should stick with a team. Don’t think that you’re being a weak gamer for choosing a class that struggles to go solo, because even classes that still rely on a team so that they can make the most out of their abilities and stay in combat.

But don’t let this dependence dissuade you from venturing into PVP as a Warrior. After all, it is a fun melee class that focuses on critical hits and combos, and taking down another player with that gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Plus, with the right WoW Classic items, you’ll be quite the powerhouse.

The Warrior’s Role

Your role in team PVP is to take down specific enemies quickly, which you can take down in seconds with the right skill set. However, like what’s been mentioned previously, you being a melee class can make you a sitting duck. Thus, it’s important to always be cautious with your actions, and make sure that you have your team with you, fully supporting you. 

To fulfill your role as DPS, you will mostly be relying on Mortal Strike ability as your bread and butter. This not only deals damage to your enemies, but also makes any healing they receive 50% less effective. So if in case you get taken out and your target managed to survive, he or she won’t get to fully recover, giving other damage-dealers in your team the chance to avenge you.

Closing the Gap and Learning the Right Talents

The biggest challenge for a Warrior would be the fact that you’re a melee class, which is a big problem if you’re up against ranged and spellcasting classes. For that, you’ll have to use either Charge or Intercept. The former has greater range but can only be used outside of combat, so you’ll have to plan ahead if that’s what you’re going to use. Intercept, on the other hand, can be used in the heat of battle and even stuns an enemy for three seconds, but you have to be in Berserker Mode to use this.

Most of the time, enemies won’t be able to escape you once you’ve closed the gap between the two of you. If they do, they can then kill you from a distance with relative ease. To make sure they don’t get away, you’ll need to use Hamstring, which slows their movement by 40% for 15 seconds. This should be enough for you to get them, provided that you have buffs that prevent your movement from being impeded.

Aside from Mortal Strike, you’ll also be using other damage-dealing abilities in quick succession, such as Whirlwind and Heroic Strike. If those three skills are still not enough but you’ve somehow managed to whittle your enemy’s life down to 20% or less, finish him or her off with Execute.

Last but definitely least would be the talents. You’ll be pumping mostly on Arms (31 points), and 20 points on Fury. You’ll either maximize Two-Handed Weapon Specialization at the cost of Improved Overpower and/or Improved Hamstring, or maximizing Improved Battle Shout at the cost of Blood Craze.

So, there you have it, the Warrior in World of Warcraft Classic’s PVP. So, are you ready to duke it out in a truly up close and personal and old-fashioned way? Well, you better be, because now you can.

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