BC.Game becomes a global sponsor and debuts redesigned site

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the multi-award-winning crypto casino BC.GAME has signed a worldwide sponsor partnership. This partnership aims to create synergy between the two parties and their respective customer bases. This includes providing international exposure for both brands.

With BC.Game, fans and gamers from all around the world can experience a wide range of exciting content. A number of upcoming Argentinian national team games, including those in the 2019 Qatar World Cup, will be backed up by crypto casinos. With this, BC.GAME users can interact and learn from star athletes like Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, and Angel Di Maria.

The goal of the partnership is to help the AFA and the award-winning online crypto casino  expand into new markets and generate income from a wider variety of sources. For the next six months, the two companies will work together to maximise their joint efforts.

‘Business-wise, the Argentine Football Association has proven to be a very forward-thinking group. BC.Game is overjoyed to see that the AFA’s aspirations to create relationships with the leading companies in the blockchain industry coincide with many of our own long-term aims’, Chris Butler, chief operating officer of BC.Game said. 

BC.Game debuts newly redesigned website

BC.Game announced the release of its updated website which includes a number of new and improved services for users. BC.Game is constantly striving to improve its services and provide its gamers with the best possible experience. 

The homepage now features a new user interface layout, which is both more streamlined and more aesthetically pleasing than the previous version. The site is also now available in other languages such as Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Russian. Aside from AFA, BC.Game also partnered with Cloud 9, an esports organisation established in 2013. 

The new layout makes it easier for users to find relevant information, such as personalised game suggestions, information about the game’s developers, and detailed game summaries. The players can rate, like, leave a comment, and share the games they are playing. 

Improvements to existing security measures, such as the Know Your Customer feedback system and the Official Staff Verification website have been added. The new BC.Game website will make these innovative improvements available to all gamers. 

‘Rapid change defines the iGaming market. Trying to keep up with it all may be quite a challenge. As leaders in this field, we want to do more than just anticipate future developments. The curve is what we’re aiming for’, Butler stated. 

‘To achieve this goal, we must maintain open lines and transparency with our community. With this update, I’d like to express my gratitude on behalf of the BC.Game team to our dedicated community for all of the feedback and suggestions they’ve provided’, he added.

BC.Game is a popular online crypto casino that supports the blockchain industry and is known to offer various crypto betting options to its users. With the debut of its newly redesigned website, it’s expected that more bettors will develop an interest in the site’s offered services. 

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