OWASP Mobile Top 10 List- Ensuring Comprehensive Safety among the Mobile Applications

When the mobile applications and their users will be significantly increased the convenience and ease element will be very well added in human lives. But on the other side of the whole situation, this particular concept is also prone to several kinds of issues, for example, unethical activities by the hackers that can adversely affect the whole situation and can shake the confidence of the customers in a particular brand. Hence, the concept of OWASP mobile top 10 list is a very important thing to be paid proper attention by the application developers so that all these kinds of security flaws can be dealt very well and best possible remedial measures can be taken to achieve the overall goals effectively and efficiently.

  This particular list was developed in the year 2001 by a proper committee of the developers who were into the discussion of several kinds of methodologies that will further help in promoting and enhancing the security of the mobile applications. Different kinds of risks were being identified by the people at that time and the latest update in this particular list has been made in the year 2016. The best benefit of implementing and going with the option of this particular list is that all the application developers will have an idea about the emerging threats and existing ones will easily so that they can proactively take the best possible measures. This particular list has been bifurcated into categories which range from M1 – M10.

 This bifurcation has been explained as follows:

  -M1: This particular point deals with the improper usage of all the platforms and includes the risk associated with the missing usage of the operating platform. The improper usage can need several kinds of issues which include the leakage of data, sniffing of android and involvement of other things for example keychain risks. The iOS applications will also be exposed to several kinds of touch ID and face ID desk. This particular concept can be dealt with only sniffing practices so that the best possible solutions are there.

  -M2: This point will have proper dealing with the insecure storage of data and also includes the compromised filing systems along with the expectation of the data which is completely unsecured. The best practices will include the android debug Bridge and usage of software so that risks are minimized.

  -M3: This particular point will have a proper relationship with the communication that is insecure and includes various kinds of risks for example stealing of important information and compromise over the admin accounts. The best of the practices overcoming all these kinds of risks include the network layer utilization of the certificates and watching out for the proper leakages.

  -M4: This particular point is in proper regard with the authentication that is completely insecure and involves several kinds of risk for example input from factors and the insecure credentials of the users. So, to overcome all these kinds of issues the proper security protocols have to be established so that loading of application data is not allowed and several other practices have also to be incorporated very well.

  -M5: This particular point has been implemented in proper regard to the insufficient cryptography and includes various other kinds of risks for example stealing of application and user data. Avoiding all these kinds of issues include the implementation of modern encryption so that algorithms will be established and trusted sources of information will always be there. The developers must always have the proper eye on the documents so that there are no emerging threats in this particular case.

  -M6: The point deals with the insecure authorization so that there is no unauthorized access to the hackers and insecure access to the objects as well as data files and databases is dealt with accordingly. The continuous testing must be undertaken by the developers so that proper authorization scheme is there.

  -M7: This particular point deals with several kinds of risks that are associated with the poor quality codes and also includes the risk which could have compromised in the mobile. The client input insecurity is also a very major part of this particular concept helps to overcome all these kinds of issues static analysis, as well as code Logics, must be performed. The library version the content providers are the several other kinds of measures which have to be implemented by the companies to get rid of such issues. In this way, people will be able to make highly informed decisions.

  -M8: This particular point deals with the go-to tempering and includes several other kinds of risks for example malware infusion as well as data theft. The runtime detection and checking of several kinds of things are the best possible measures to overcome all these kind of issues and this concept must be undertaken very well so that application owners have timely information and can make several kinds of highly informed decisions.

  -M9: This particular point deals with the concept of reverse engineering and includes various kinds of risks, for example, dynamic inspections and in this way, the premium features of the application can be accessed by the hackers. Hence, using the sea language is the best possible way of dealing with these kinds of issues along with the proper implementation of similar tools Oh that overall purposes can be easily solved.

  -M10: This particular point is in proper regard with the extraneous functionality and several kinds of risks are involved in this particular thing so that information can be dealt with accordingly. To overcome all these kinds of risks the app developers have to make sure that none of the test code is performed or present in the final process and logs are never descriptive.

  Hence, the implementation of these kinds of systems must be undertaken in the best possible manner to make sure that everything is highly protected from several kinds of threats and there is no issue throughout the process because everything will be available in the real-time.

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