Best Sewing machines under $50 - Features discussed!

Best Sewing machines under $50 – Features discussed!

Whether you do embroidery, quilting or have got to stitch clothes, a sewing machine is usually ‘a must’ in every household. These heavy duty machines are amazing, such that your sewing skills will be upgraded to the next level. However, with so many products available in the market, it becomes really confusing to make out which particular deal to go for! 

Here is a list of  sewing machines under $50  to help you get the most valued product:

  • Imax LSS-202

This is basically a mini machine that is intended to facilitate the individuals who have just thought of starting with a hand switch or a foot pedal. It is extremely easy to store and the product seems to be already threaded. It comes with an an adjustable foot pedal which enhances your comfortability during the work. 

  • Michley LSS-505

This sewing machine is a top rated product that has received quite a good number of reviews over the time. It is suitable for sewing enthusiasts, crafters, and even the campers who need one to address the minor repairs on their clothes and other kits. One of the greatest advantages of this machine is that you can manually adjust the tension via a dial that situated right at the front of the product. The twin needle capacity is certainly another reason behind its growing popularity. It features a “no-oil” mechanism. 

  • Singer Zigzag

It comes with 80 built in stitches and eight styles of one-step buttonholes and a large LCD screen for easy adjustment of stitch width, length and size. It also features free arm capability for stitching sleeves and handling different quilling projects. Also, it comes with a larger table area. It comes in a pretty pink shade and is compact so that you can store it inside the cabinet while it is not in use. Even, in case you are planning to relocate, you can carry it along with yourself for it isn’t at all bulky. 

  • Easy Stitcher

The Easy stitcher is a perfect sewing machine for addressing all sorts of household projects, scrapbopking and crafts. Also, it comes with a pre-threaded provision which means that you can start handling your sewing projects as soon as the machine arrives. You do not require banging your head any further! It is undoubtedly one of the best deals for the beginners. It runs on 4 AA batteries or on an adapter. 

  • KPBC mini sewing machine

It is one of the best sewing machines under the price range of 50 dollars m it comes with upgraded features and an adapter that will make it convenient for you to use this deal efficiently. It balances the machine and also allows the sewer to have more space to set the cloth piece while handling the task in hand. It even consists of a special cuff slot on the table for easy stitching of sleeves. A built-in winding pool is an added bonus on this machinery. 

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