Six Great Fall Accessories Every Man Should Have In Their Style Armory

If you thought that fashion accessories were a matter only for women, you’d be wrong, very wrong. In 2022 it’s incumbent on men to put a little more effort into their ensembles, and while that may scare the life out of some, it’s a real opportunity to express oneself.

Finding the right look, one that conveys your personality and tastes, can be challenging, but fortunately, there is no end to the advice and guidance you can attain online or from those around you whose guidance you trust.

Today’s fashion-forward perspective faces in all directions and when it comes to pieces that every man should have in their style armory, here are six to get you started.

Casual But Stylish Watch

No, you don’t need a Rolex or a similarly blinged-up and overly expensive timepiece, but you should have a casual but elegant watch. Something that reflects your personality and your day-to-day activities. 

These might need to be very resistant to the elements if you are a keep-fit fanatic, or perhaps they should be lean and demure if your style lexicon leans in that way. Sadly watches are something of a fading item in today’s world.

Ask anyone what the time is, and 99% of those who respond will do so via their phones, which is fine; however, there is something effortlessly stylish and chic about an excellent attractive watch. In many ways, those who wear them just look more classy and well-prepared. 

How About Some Personalized Jewelry

We are not talking about a massive medallion with six-inch gold lettering; we are talking about items of jewelry that ooze luxury but also have something to say. In many ways, personalized jewelry for men can act as your calling card. You might say that they do the talking for you. 

These could take the form of initial rings, name necklaces (that can also be an elegant way to illustrate the love you have for your children, bracelets, and could be less painful than having their dates of birth tattooed on your neck). 

Also, guys, when it comes to jewelry, less is most definitely almost always more. There’s no need to go overboard, and also try to make whatever pieces you do wear work together in a unified manner. 

High-Quality Sunglasses

One great rule when it comes to your choice of shades is this. Go for quality over cheaper pairs; if that means sticking to just one, then so be it. Eyewear has come a long way in recent years, especially when it comes to what you can get online, as well as the general cost of great sunglasses.

Don’t just blindly (no pun intended) buy a pair. See what frames and types work with your face shape, and don’t be afraid to be an individual here. In other words, you could get a pair of aviators, and they may well look great, but who knows, maybe there are different styles out there that will be far more in keeping with you and your overall look.

Cultured and Uncluttered Wallet

Do you have a tired excuse for a wallet in your back pocket? Does it look as if it’s seen some serious action? If so, it’s time for a reboot. Get yourself a nice smooth, sleek, and slimmed-down wallet and lose the unnecessary clutter you have in yours.

Take stock of what’s in there and clear out what’s now no longer relevant, in other words, those receipts from earlier in the year and the phone number of that girl you meant to call but never did. 

Don’t be Scared of the Scarf

We are not sure, but by all accounts, some men just don’t dig scarves, which makes no sense as they are a great item of clothing that is both functional and decorative. Here we need you to be less Harry Potter in your thought process. 

You don’t need a hefty scarf that drags on the floor; get something light, flowing, and nothing too loud when it comes to colors. 

A Nice Pair of Boots

Do you live in your sneakers? Do the slightly more upscale shoes you have now look as if they have teleported from another decade entirely? If so, let’s get serious about footwear, as it’s an essential accessory that can make or break your look.

Chelsea boots are usually the right way to go, and that’s because they have a duality to them that makes them equally ideal for formal or informal occasions. They work well with jeans, corduroys, and cargo pants. You can also roll up to any wedding or any other dignified event while wearing them. 

If you are feeling brave, you can move away from traditional colors and styles here but don’t move too far out of your comfort zone. Oh, added bonus for those who might be self-conscious about their height; these will add a nice couple of inches to your current elevation. 

Use Accessories as the Basis Of Your Look

Now that we’ve outlined some must-have accessories, we should hasten to add that these should be something of a starting point for an ensemble or look you might be looking to build together. 

They can also be used to complement an outfit or style palette you are already actively using; the point here is that the accessory is more than just an afterthought and should be treated accordingly. 

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