Newest Md. Congress member : Case for Prince George’s County as site of new FBI HQ

Glenn Ivey, Maryland’s newest member of Congress, will jump in the fray on Capitol Hill really quick. A new headquarters in this spring is supposed to be selected especially with the FBI and the General Services Administration. Ivey did call for the bringing the new facility to Prince George’s County as his top priority. The federal government is in the method of picking one among the three locations: Springfield, Virginia; and Landover and Greenbelt, in Maryland – both in Ivey’s district. Ivey said, “We’re trying to do everything we can to get the headquarters here because we think we pdeserve it on the merits.” He further added, “It saves federal tax dollars to the tune of, depending on the estimate, $300 million to $500 million.”
Ivey pointed that Maryland and Prince George’s County together have set out money to absorb the expenses that the federal government would incur in the development of the 2 sites in Maryland
Ivey said that there are merits that we should be winning on
Cost is one of the least significant factors that is considered by the federal government

Lawmakers and Gov elect Wes Moore appealed to the Biden administration

An updated scoring criteria was released by the GSA and FBI in the last fall. It has prioritised the proximity to the other off site facilities with the biggest weight. The belief lids in the fact that the scoring criteria in Maryland was weighted in such a way on purpose. President Biden had further issued an executive order saying that the federal government needed to promote advance equity in the underserved communities. The Maryland Democrats had finally established the argument that it is exactly the same sort of situation that the order would address!

Ivey stated on Biden Administration and Prince George’s county

Ivey said, “Those were statements that were made by the Biden Administration.” Ivey further added, “We want to ask them to stay true to that. I know they walked into this to some extent, but Prince George’s County has been redlined on a lot of these federal office spaces for decades now, and it’s time for that to end.”

Newest Md. Congress member makes case for Prince George’s County as site of new FBI HQ

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