Managed Services of IT varies the Staff of the augmentation of IT

What is the meeting of the Staff Augmentation?

The S A (the Staff augmentation) means a model referring to hiring additional employees necessary for a project. This method is effective for improving your developing team. This method is applying for augmentation of a group’s ability or diminishing their own working forces. SA is the short-term hiring just during the time of projects’ implementation.

What do managed Services mean?

 Customers of Managed Services such as different companies view them as long-term partners for solutions if a lot of organizations can hire the temporary group for fulfilling special working tasks, using the SA.

MS ( Manage Service) is a pattern at which the organization is hired delivers technical possibilities of IT services for a help firms to strict smooth running of the systems.

Advantages of Staff augmentation

1)With additional skills, productivity of the team workers increases. You can avoid missing out on important skills. It can be the method of saving money, the strengthening one’s own group.

2) You will be able to avoid the loss of time and quality during the fulfillment of the team’s tasks, when the temporary workers fulfill some moments from a project.

3) Diminishing the time and efforts for the completion of the project by the use of the SA, when software for the project has a need for expertise.

4) Minimizing the issues of management because the Staff Augmentation allows you to collaborate with the staff of the smaller size.

5) Permanent members of the staff accept additional workers willingly, because they understand their places of job are constant.

6) SA helps if you have strong deadlines.

Privileges of Manage Services

1) This pattern of your business activity should save you money, time, it is an effective way. You can acquire the group of experienced specialized technical specialists, developers, they have all the resources, equipment for their own project.

2) The providers’ effectiveness is important in ensuring that an item becomes finished at the budget and at an appropriate time. A working team easily achieves these aspects due to professional employees.

3) Monitors of vendors of projects at the beginning, during work activity to the end, taking care about resources and instruments to an excellent execution.

4) Firms of MS can calculate their risks, also get preparation project stages.

Minuses of the Augmentation of Staff:

1) You need to train members from staff at the internal working processes, also handling them efficiently.

2) Onboarding members from an employed team usually demand supplemental resources and time processes by  a constant group. One of the reasons is that company teams do not have available resources for supervision of work.

3) New members of a working group hired can act inefficiently, while they become used during work procedures and the company’s processes.

4) This model is fitting just for the temporary support. The augmented workers allow that a project will not be finished, possibly the organization must begin hiring again.

Minuses of the Manage Service

1) Sometimes you can’t get all this is necessary at low prices. Many resources and instruments acquire big taxes.

2) Since work appears remotely, an organization of the Manage Services aren’t able to resolve problems, questions that must be resolved at the place and now.

3) Since you collaborate to providers of services, your own company must provide access into the confidential data. You must pay close attention to terms from the contract from nondisclosure for avoiding the unwarranted risks.


If necessities of business increase this is important to deliver items for fulfillment that is absence of possibilities also resources of companies. You can always select between the pattern of the Staff Augmentation either Manage Services. Patterns are 2 models meeting various necessities. Your determination must be founded on different ideas.

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