What are the 5 best e-commerce websites?


The ratings of the most sought-after and popular online stores in the world are constantly changing. This is influenced by the global economy, the emergence of new unique products on the market, changes in healthcare, politics and other leading areas of activity. During the pandemic, there is a real explosion in the e-commerce segment. For their own safety, consumers are switching to online store services. This was also influenced by quarantine measures and lockdowns, when it becomes possible to purchase goods exclusively through a mobile application or an online store. 

TOP 5 Leaders in the World Ranking of E-commerce Websites for 2020-21

Lockdown has become a powerful impetus for the development of trade on the Internet. Online shopping is one of the favorite activities of people in all corners of the world, as the pandemic has swept the entire globe. All this led to an active discussion of Internet sites for the sale of goods and services. A list of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world has been compiled. The top five includes the following:

  1. AliExpress. This platform can rightfully be called a global Internet giant. It left with a wide margin from the rest of the resources. Users have mentioned the name of this site on the network more than 12.5 million times.
  2. Ozon. In the first half of 2020 alone, sales in the Internet hypermarket grew by 140%, and the client base expanded significantly – its indicators increased by 90%. A little more than 2.2 million people attracted the attention of this site.
  3. Wildberries. It takes the bronze place and is mentioned in the network about 2 million times. Users made 1.4 million orders in total of this number.
  4. Yandex. Food. Throughout 2020, up to the beginning of 2021, there was a steady growth in demand for food delivery services from supermarkets. By the middle of this year, the number of mentions of this site was equal to 133 thousand.
  5. Labyrinth. Interestingly, the bookstore made it to the TOP 5 online e-commerce stores. This excitement can be understood, since in the conditions of quarantine and lockdown, people had to look for new entertainment, one of the most popular among which was reading.

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Top 5 e-commerce categories for 2020-21

Marketplaces ranked first. They were mentioned on the web over 19 million times. This category includes the following leaders from the world rating of e-commerce platforms: AliExpress, Sima-Land, Ozon, Ebay, Wildberries, Yandex.Market, goods.ru.

The second position is occupied by the category “Books” and its representatives – Liters, Labyrinth. Ru.

On the third place there is “Household appliances and electronics”, which was presented by Eldorado, M. Video, Svyaznoy and Citylink.

The fourth stage goes to “clothes, shoes and accessories” – Lamoda, Sokolov, ASOS.

On the fifth place there is “Food and Drink”. The category is represented by the Internet platforms Delivery Club and Yandex. Food.

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