The Top in-Demand Fintech Recruitment Roles In Singapore

The world runs on money, and thanks to the tremendous developments in the financial technology (Fintech) industry, cash is flowing worldwide safer and quicker than ever. However, this is courtesy of the employees in the Fintech companies that are working to ensure the money is moving continuously, bringing security and convenience to millions of people and businesses. So, to recruit the best employee for the role, you need to understand the expanding sectors and most in-demand roles that are competitive. Here is a look at the most in-demand Fintech roles in a Singapore recruitment company.

  • Software Engineering

Fintech companies want the best possible for the role of developing their online services and platforms. According to research, about 35% of the vacant positions in the industry are looking to hire software engineers. However, different software engineers have specific software skills and acquaintance with coding languages, which qualify them for various vacant positions. The most sought out programming languages qualifications according to different job descriptions include; JavaScript, Ruby, Linux, python, and java.

  • Operations

Operations is the second most sought-after role by finance companies, taking up to 15% of total vacant job openings. This is not surprising because it requires ultimate coordination and control to ensure the software engineers are developing products correctly and ensuring the clients are happy. The most in-demand operations roles include; customer support, customer success, and information technology.

  • Sales

Although sales account for about ten percent of the top demanded roles in the financial industry, they play a massive part in a company’s success. The Fintech industry would not have the success it has achieved without the strong sales team managing and selling the products to the customers. With the industry still developing, major prospecting still needs to be done, which is why the Sales Development Representative is the most in-demand role in the sales sector. Other positions high in demand include; Account Executive, Account Manager, and Sales Operations.

  • Data & Analytics

The fintech industry is all about loads of data and numbers. So, for all the data to be organized and translated into perceptible and concrete information, Fintech companies need analytics and data experts to help give meaning to all those numbers. The data & analytics positions are about eight percent of all the open roles.

  • Marketing

Marketing gets attributed to about seven percent of all financial industry open roles. A company’s marketing team plays a vital role in promoting the products by giving the ideal information to the target audiences. This is particularly important in the Fintech industry, where audiences tend to look for specific financial products. Moreover, mass consumer marketing is crucial because most Fintech products are used by most people in completing basic banking and business transactions.


According to the review above, about eighty percent of the in-demand Fintech roles are under five different classes; operations, software engineering, sales, marketing, and data & analytics. These are the most competitive recruitment candidates to attract and hire as all other companies are competing for their consideration. Singapore Recruitment Company works to help you find the right and best Fintech talent faster for the role your organization requires.

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