Teaching the Child to be Responsible


All the parents wish to have a very responsible child. They dream of their child to be responsible for the duties he or she has. Parents nurture their kids with love and affection and with all the resources they can gather for their children and they think kids will become responsible in return and they feel bad and disappointed when this wish doesn’t get accomplished. What lacks is a strategic plan to teach how to be responsible. Being responsible is not easy for children of a tender age where they don’t want to follow any orders, especially which binds them. Though today’s scenario has changed regarding education and students have no issues in completing their course and homework due to online learning and online education where LMS portals help them a lot. LMS portals make student’s online learning safe. Today students are already a little responsible about their studies due to online learning as if they want to search ERP full form, they can take help of their education apps or online learning websites to fetch details of ERP full form. Despite so many resources parents can be seen tangled in a dilemma about how to make their children responsible. So, following are some suggestions to give sigh of relief to parents in this matter:

  • As a parent you should think of some work at home which the child can accomplish but it should seem a great responsibility to him/her. It can be anything like watering the plants, helping his/her mother in cooking and cleaning, walking the dog, bringing mails from mailbox, feeding the household animals like horses, cats, dogs etc. These small tasks will make the child understand that their parents don’t always have fun, instead as a child they enjoy because the above enumerated responsibilities are completed by their parents. Kids should realize that there is a realistic word out of their video games which runs properly when one accomplishes his/her responsibilities properly.
  • Being a role model is the best way for the parents to make kids understand the gravity of their responsibilities. Teaching responsibility is also necessary to make the kids good and responsible students for their future. So, parents should not only teach and order them instead, show them how perfectly those tasks can be done which kids are assigned. This will kill two birds with a single stone- first kids will make no mistake while doing the tasks and second, they will understand what their parents have to go through to do these tasks and their bond will get stronger.
  • Don’t be a supervisor while guiding your children instead, be very friendly while teaching him or her about his or her responsibilities towards a task, this will make them comfortable and enjoy that particular task and make a balance with the kid’s task and his/her enjoyment as if it is decided that child will go to any animated movie then ask him or her politely to first complete his/her homework and watering the plants first then movie. This will give him/her a sense that responsibilities should be kept on priorities rather than amusement.
  • Mostly tasks which are given by parents can be found boring and sometimes irritating also like cleaning the garden or planting the plants or washing the vehicles or laundry so in order to make such tasks they should be guided by the parents and should be suggested that nothing is boring in this world just we need find fun on ourselves and understand what we can do to make any boring work fun, like while doing above enumerated works kids can play some jazz music and enjoy while working and can tap to the tunes sometimes, when no one is seeing.
  • The most wrong thing which parents do is making threats to their children. This ruins the soft and loving bond of children with their parents. So, in order to make them disciplined regarding their responsibilities, parents should make them understand the sequences regarding their tasks whether completed or not in time, very politely without threatening. For example, if it is decided to go to the zoo, then make it clear that this trip will happen only after completion of homework because this is the deal if the kid holds his side of the deal, then parents will hold their side of the deal.
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