Google Earth users can view images of climate change

Morningside Maryland News : Google has come up with the latest feature namely Timelapse, which brings to the fore striking visuals of the effect climate change has resulted over the past 40 years. The tool brings to the focus images by converting them into 4D experience about different aspects such as melting ice caps or glaciers which has resulted in bringing a sort of devastation over the last many years, due to constant and unabated growth of population and hampering the beautiful wildlife in the process.

With millions of photos, Timelapse visualizes different aspects of the aging process. 

Timelapse makes use of over 24 million satellite photos which have been captured through 1984 to 2020. 

Considering the eye-captivating images which reflect on the exact and actual state of how climate change has created an effect, the visuals have brought with itself enough curiosity and surprises. 

Google has collaborated with NASA, the United States Geological Survey along with several others to bring the likes of the technology of the stature like Timelapse. 

Users can type their desired location in the search bar for effectively using the technology namely Timelapse in Google Earth. Now, with respect to searching for any desired location such as any landmark location where they either used to hangout or have grown up etc, can be easily fetched. 

In order to make the images further precise and visually captivating, Google has removed the shadows and clouds from the images.  It additionally made the use of a single pixel for the series of different location on Earth by compiling all of them since 1984. Therefore, the result is where it has stitched them together into one, in the form of a timelapse video. 

Google invites the reactions of people to bring further value to the tool

Google has also made use of its storytelling platform namely Voyager for  highlighting the startling change which have been experienced and adhered over the past many years.

The company is hopeful that more of the researchers, journalists, advocates and teachers will introspect about the changes being experienced and give their valuable insights about the findings for the world to take note of. 

The company is looking forward and expects the users to give their reactions on the series of different changes which they experience whether it is related with the deforestation or changing coastlines etc. 

Google is equally hopeful towards sensitizing on the said aspect by highlighting series of aspects which have really changed for worse. It is the tool which has brought to the fore the continuous mechanism of changes as it brings to the attention about how steps need to be taken for making the world a better place to live and prosper. 

One hopes that the Timelapse feature will prove to bring a pivotal change by creating a soothing effect where humans will realize the kind of destruction which they have been doing on earth. One hopes that this will prove to be a turning phase for the masses. 

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